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    i STILL call bullshit



    but in the meantime, Tanhauser/Fedor.Hadouken can commerce his unending fangasm


    yeah ill be happy when i see some real bookings and the tourny goes down until then i will treat it like all other strikeforce/Dream news.



    i have 3 questions

    1. how the fuck is barnett licensed in time for a february fight?

    2. who in the hell does Overeem fight in the 4th quarterfinal? Del Rosario? Cormier? that’d be a more of a bloodletting than a fight

    3. if all 4 fights actually do go down (Fedor v Bigfoot, Barnett v Arlovski, Rogers v Werdum, Overeem v poor sap) will subes admit that he watched them? and will he admit to how awesome it would be if the impossible happens and Coker pulls this pipe dream off?


    Wait, why would Overeem be in the tourney if he’s the champion? Isn’t the whole point of doing the tourney is to find a #1 contender?



    ^ no, i refer you to the Pride HW GP of 2004 and the Pride Open Weight GP of 2006 (which Fedor was scheduled to compete in while champion)



    BUTTERS….YOU FAGGOT!! The way to talk to women is to have NO RESPECT FOR THEM. They love it & you have to accept that you’re the superior gender.



    ^ THIS

    don’t “ask” them out “TELL” them you’re going out and having fun and if the slut doesn’t want to she’s probably a muff diver anyhow


    hit them too they love that shit


    Pride smide!!

    I’ll belive this tourney when I get over my fear of initiating a conversation with a girl.



    ^^Clint must be from Jerz!!

    PS: Fancy eyepatch!!


    its funny i changed my pic but it shows up as the same one as before on my computer


    It’s cool man. When 2011 is over and Strikeforce has grown and had a baller heavy weight tourny I’ll be here laughing.

    Meanwhile Cain will just be fighting again, JDS won’t have any money, and Brock will be retired.

    Anyway, somebodies gotta push back on the unending UFC cock sucking that goes on around here.


    fixed… had to resign in with my new password


    clear your cache.



    fact: barnetto is not licensed in california. that’s not UFC cock sucking. that’s a real life story, which leads to us thinking that he won’t fight.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 25 total)

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