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    Nate Quarry and Dana White’s email about Zombies fighting in the UFC.

    dana_whitebitches: Fucking Zombies?

    Natedog69: Yeah, dude. There’s gonna be zombies and shit.

    Dana: Can they fight? I mean, do they have their own gyms?

    Natedog69: You’re such a n00b. lol, Zombies totally know how to this one Zombie, he’s got the meanest slow walk drool combo, it’s pretty scary. I literally shit my pants. Not literally!! jk I did a little, just a tiny bit of poo that’s all. No big deal but whatevs you know. It’s natural to shit. Forgive me. But anyway, it’s going to be great, trust me. I gathered a bunch of fighting zombie guys, gave them free MMA T-shirts and they are totally kewl with fighting in the UFC now. They promise not to bite anyone.

    dana_whitebitches: Alright. You sold me. I’m not easily sold. Just only when i put Kimbo SLice on TUF, signing Brock Lesnar and constant masturbation.

    Natedog69: Great. Everyone loves zombies! This is going to be awesome.

    dana_whitebitches: Tell the fucking Zombies to get ready for their debut fights. I’m counting on you.

    Natedog69: You won’t regret this. I pinky swear

    dana_whitebitches: lol fag

    2 weeks later

    dana_whitebitches: WTF. The zombies ate everybody at the fucking event!

    Natedog69: Really? They are zombies rflol

    dana_whitebitches: This is it. You are fucking done. You’re never going to fight in the UFC ever again!

    Natedog69: Shit. I’ll tell you what, I’ll sit down and talk to these guys and explain to them they can’t just go around eating everybody.

    dana_whitebitches: Fuck it. People should have known anyway, the event was called UFC123 ZOMBIES: AS REAL AS IT GETS.

    Natedog69: See. It wasn’t your fault.

    dana_whitebitches: I know, it’s never my fault. At least they ate TIto Ortiz.

    Natedog: omg right! pwn3d!

    dana_whitebitches: I just didn’t think it would go so far you know, like, they even ate Herb Dean, the cops came…the The Palace totally got burned to the ground. People in Detroit aren’t happy about being zombies.

    Natedog69: Let’s just try this one more time. Did you see your twitter account? The fans love it!

    dana_whitebitches: they did? on twitter though right? Not the rest of the fag internet though because twitter really isn’t part of the internet. that’s what I believe. Twitter and the internet are too separate things, right? I’m sueing the internet you know. For infringing my intelligentual property.

    Natedog69: ….lmfao it’s intellectual douchebasket.

    dana_whitebitches: UFC 124 should be different though because I made the Zombie fighters really promise this time myself. We pinky swore and they crossed hearts and hoped to die.

    Natedog69: but they’re already dead.

    dana_whitebitches: fuck.


    Natedog69: sweet right?

    dana_whitebitches: I’m pretty fuckin sure i’m a zombie now. I ate chuck liddell. I started with his penis since I’ve always figuratively had it in my mouth his whole career.

    Natedog69: His penis? Why?

    dana_whitebitches: I just explained that. because i’ve had his penis figuratively in my mouth his whole career! That’s on my twitter now. me eating chucks penis… : (

    Natedog69: Sorry, just a little distracted. Watching the news…everyone in detroit is a zombie. practically all the people who were criminals and in gangs, rapping on the side are now zombie criminal gangmember rappers, it’s pretty much the same they because Detroit is a total disaster city. But it’s spreading pretty quick. It seems like wherever the UFC goes everyone turns into Zombies.

    dana-whitebitches: GSP is a zombie too and canada is on total zombie outbreak alert. He’s eating everyone in canada. I don’t think this was a good idea.

    Natedog69: I should have told you this from the start. I’ve been a zombie ever since RIch Franklin knocked me out.

    dana_whitebitches: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    dana_whitebitches: fag.



    lol @ zombies



    Had it’s moments.



    If?…….what’s all this “If?” shit Iamblasphemix?






    So you guys are talking about this, right?



    yeah. it would be better if they knew how to draw gooder and more gooder in flash. right now it looks highschool.


    “draw gooder and more gooder” is a quote I’m going to promptly wear out. Fuckin’ A.



    ^it will be worth your while for awhile.


    HAHA you should pitch that to Nate (=

    By the way, I’m the one who did the animation. Sorry you didn’t like it @iamphoenix but hopefully other people here got some enjoyment out of it!



    i used to draw as well so i’m kind of a big deal…i’m’s on deviantart

    i just wouldn’t consider that a final product though and the character design could use some work as well. good first pass, needs mo work. i dont know nate quarry but if he sees my post i dont want to get punched in the face.


    Do you have a link to your character design work?



    I’mAPenis draws by smearing poop on the walls.


    I double dog dare you to post a link to your gallery. Jackals like art.


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