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I totally agree with Bas Rutton on the HW Division.

Home Forums MMA Related I totally agree with Bas Rutton on the HW Division.

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    I think Overeem would slaughter Carwin and Brock.
    I Still think Fedor is the best, though he needs so nice wins to get back to one.

    I think Jon Jones is a company man. So sad. haha.


    *some nice wins. Why can’t i edit anymore?



    Bas Rutten is out of his fucking mind and is only picking Alistair because he’s Dutch. The man’s best HW win is Brett Rogers for fuck’s sake.



    Yeah, fuck K-1, huh subo. He could easily outstrike any hw in the ufc, and he’s solid off his back. The motherfuckers huge, he is a problem for anybody.



    1. Bas is crazy but he makes valid points from time to time.
    2. The UFC is 4 good heavy weights and a bunch of crap.
    3. The Reem is more skilled in just about everything but wrestling than Brock.

    He would eat him alive.


    “The Reem is more skilled in just about everything but wrestling than Brock.”

    As if being skilled in wrestling isn’t pretty goddamn important.


    nah bas is out to lunch on that one overeem in the past year has beaten rogers, fujita, thompson, and sylvester. not exactly a murderer’s row.

    that being said i find it hard to see brock as number one he only has a record of 5-1, defends his belt infrequently and has beaten only 2 ranked opponents of those 5.

    i would (begrudgingly) say that werdum is top hw simply because he takes that title from beating the former big cheese.


    ^ Wouldn’t it also be fair to say that JDS is the #1 since he KTFO Werdum?



    ^Does that mean frank mir is #1 since he took brocks leg? People get better.

    What irritates me is how people try saying brocks wrestling is legendary, he is just a big mother fucker. His wrestling isnt very good, when have you ever seen him shoot a real shot? He fucking tackles people. Not saying it isn’t effective, but dont try to sell me him being a legitimate wrestler. He’s not.

    Schrute, sure but look at all he has accomplished in K-1. Dude is a fucking monster. He can out strike ANY hw in the world in mma. And he qualified for ADCC in 2005 so he has legit jitz. I dont get how people dont see alistair as a legitimate HW.



    ^ an ncaa title makes you a legitimate wrestler. end of discussion

    that being said, overeem would murderize brock (think carwin with more of a gas tank)



    That was ten years ago. Tell me how he uses technical wrestling effectively. He tackles people and lays on them, very effective, but no one near gsp.

    I agree, overeem would land one of his dirty ass overhand rights, or maybe knee his face in.


    I agree. Brock’s wrestling is not technical. Again, his size makes the double leg brute force take down so easy for him.

    On his back he sucks of course, and he has no hip movement.

    So yeah you can find flaws in the best part of his game.



    Overeem has the size & the skill……can he peepee clean?


    what happens in k-1 is not relevant to one’s rank in mma.

    if that were the case, then there is a massive double standard being applied to brock and other wrestlers who boast stellar division 1 records



    The takedown Brock hit on Shane in the second was fucking TEXTBOOK.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)

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