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    I spend quite a bit of my time on the internet doing various activities. Namely looking at pictures. Reading words a bunch. Sifting through catergorized porn. Watching street fights. Refreshing facebook. Not downloading movies or TV shows. I walk my ass down to the store and pick me up a physical movie DVD VHS and insert that shit straight into my tv. 

    Now I’ve been eating nothing but pizza this past weekend. And beer. Little did I know that all I consumed was vegetables according to the FDA. You may have seen some of these but the kind people from the internet land apparently has access to photoshop and knows how to use it. I thought only I knew about it. And Leti. And Cap.

    Pizza is a vegetable meme:

    Laugh at more by totally clicking this very cool UPPROXX LINK

    They also have a plethora of this pepper spraying cop. Made me lawl so hard.

    And in no particular order, more shit that makes me lolol.

    This spiderman one has been around for at least 600 internet years which is roughly about 3 years in Earth Time. I’ve just found out about this one about a month back…didn’t know what it was. I was scared honsetly.

    ^^This is like me on on fightlinker…lol

    Courage Wolf is pretty bad ass.

    Philasaraptor is my new religion…


    Just like the Hipster Kitties thread, I’ll continue to add to this meme thread with memes that I come across…






    What I love about the Spiderman/guitar pic is that whoever created it was too lazy to actually find a left handed Les Paul, so they mirrored a right handed one. It completely sums up the interwebs users in a single pic.


    maybe spider man plays jimi hendrix style





    me gusta



    I woke up this morning and pissed really hard in, on, or around the toilet. Sat down in my little computer chair with sweet wheels so I can roll around my little room with a towel tied around my neck because that way it’s a cape and I’m a superhero and my chair isn’t a chair anymore it’s a fucking monster truck destroying everything in it’s path. But as I went to watch a video on the internet, I reached for my mouse, but it’s super dark in my room so I can’t see that it was tangled up with all the other wires on my desk and it slipped out of my greasy hands that I was eating leftover chicken fingers and Rockstar Roasted Energy Coffee with and the mouse slammed right on my balls. I’m not wearing pants, just very sexy boxers because that’s how I roam. And look at this here below, someone is so cool that they replaced people’s phones with poptarts. FUCKING GENIUS I HATE THEM FOR DOING IT FIRST!!!

    uproxx:    Self Pop Tart Is Here To Shame The Internet’s Self-Portrait Takers  This guy is totally gonna cut whoever’s photoshopping pop tarts in the place of cameras/phones on the internet.

    moar on the internet

    and here’s my contibution:




    Pshop ain’t a hobby…It’s a lifestyle bro…

    [i did not make this]



    I’m supposed to be taking this online class about war and things right now but(tfuck) it’s soooo boring and watching this clip of very scared news anchors crying themselves to sleep at night in fear of Pedobear having his way with them made me LMFAO.

    All I have to say is, bro, you’re too old for pedobear anyway.


    That Penn State sticker was hilarious.



    You may have heard of the injustice that I endured while I visited a local McDonald’s food eatery from my latest entry in the Made/Ruined your Day thread and or my latest Facebook status. If you haven’t, I suggest you add me on because my life is very important that I actually need a page all to myself to document my activities from IRL on my pseudo internet life on the internet. Apparently, we are all THAT important.

    Just another day at a McDonald’s, right? Somewhat clean floors, a stack of old paper thingies blind people touch because they don’t have the internet and an advertisement for an item of food I enjoy chewing up in mah mouth. The McRib. I see the sign, think to myself, “I would like this. I’m going to order this right now.” I casually and non-chalantly make my way to the counter and request the McRib that is so conviently displayed in their establishment of delicisies and fine drinks.

    I ask, “Good day ma’am, how are you this fine evening? I am quite starved and looking for a tastey feast that will make my tastebuds cum on my tongue and out my mouth. I will like to have that this here McRib that I’ve fancied since I layed eyes upon it onceth I entered this fine eatery here.”

    Then she says “What?”

    “Mcrib, you got that right?” I point to the sign behind me.

    She says to me like that sign behind me doesn’t exist….”We don’t have those.”


    These weren’t my exact words, but I think later on she totally felt my anquish and dismay when I sat right there at that table, exhaling pretty loud and staring with the most angriest and probably saddest of eyes right at that sign that they used to mock me and everything the American McRib way of life stands for.

    I am the 99%.




    In honor of phoenixs’ heart-wrenching story, i’ve concocted a homemade version of the aforementioned “McRib”. Hopefully you will never know that kind of anguish again my friend….never again.



    The essence of my heart-wrenching story is lost on you MadMan. It’s not that I didn’t eat a McRib that day, it is that I was misled and made out to be a fool by believing that I could order a McRib by believing the giant advertisement in the McDonalds. They made a mockery out of this delicous sammich, justice and big cardboard signs, which I can no longer trust.
    If I wanted to make my own food, I would. But I chose not to. Not that I wouldn’t be any good at it, but I would have to travel to the local commissary, grab a shopping cart that has other peoples sneezes and poops. I don’t want to walk down and through every aisle looking for the items I forget to put on my list that I forgot to write. Then I have to wait in the forever line, with my big cart of stuff that everybody keeps eyeballing with their stupid faces. Travel back to my starting point, walk up THREE flights of teh stairs omg suxxors!!!1 dick reference. Unpack all the things I paid for and place them in their respective assigned spots. Then I would have to immediately find the items in which I want to assemble for a meal, gather them, unpackage the items and then assemble it. 5 years later, I have half a sammich because I forgot to get bread. WTF. So, Long reply back to you, I just wanted a pre-made McRib that I can instanlty eat as soon as I pay for it right there in the McDonald’s. I reject your image link of an un-assembled poor not-a-McRib because you have not faced the indignity that I have had to endure and overcome.



    Get a wife. If you choose the correct model of wife, they come pre programmed to do all the steps above. Frick’s seems to have worked out. There are a few low maintenance models of wife available out there.  There are even models that are compatible with newer models you may want to sample later on.




    ^^Dammit, can’t see ur vid @ work.

    Phoenigga=funny again. And I applaud Madman’s deconstructed McFib. Not that I would ever put that shit in my body. Unless it was penis-shaped.

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