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    excerpt from the war machine diaries

    Soooo, my friend Janice sent me the book of Malcolm X’s Autobiography. Never thought I’d read such a book but it’s pretty good. He’s really a black racist, but who can blame him after his life experiences and in the times he lived? I think racism, as it was, is pretty much over. There is only one part about it that remains… and that is: NO White, Mexican, Italian, NO ONE wants their sister, mother, ex-g/f, current g/f, or any other pretty white girl to date a black guy! I share this opinion and I’m definitely not racist. But I figured out why! The one thing stopping complete integration and ending racism is the MYTH that blacks have bigger dicks then other races! That’s it! How the myth started and how it endured is a mystery, and prolly the best tool the government ever invented to keep us all a little racist. I went to a college in the South, I’ve been to jail, and from the showers comes the truth: dize size has nothing to do with race! I even saw a study in a magazine once that took measurements of different countries dick sizes and I think Sweden had like 1/4 of an inch bigger than the rest of the world. I think China had like 1/4 of an inch smaller than the rest of the world, but either way, there was no REAL difference! I actually brought the subject up to a black guy here and he REALLY HATES that myth! LOL! He said he likes white girls and gets all nervous every time one gets ready to pull out his jimmy. He said he feels like they EXPECT a monster to pop out! LOL!! He said, “Shit! Don’t get me wrong, my shit ain’t small! It’s actually a lil’ bigger than average, but man, fuck that rumor!” Funny shit! If that MYTH disappeared, and only when it does, will you see prejudice vanish. I guarantee it.



    Click this ———->NOT SAFE FOR WORK<———- Click this

    Wonder how he explains his job on a first date? 

    Man: “I work with some of the biggest dick on this planet”

    Date: “Oh, your a health worker in Africa?”

    man: “Free Willy…”




    i gotta start reading that blog


    Truth of the matter is human beings will always find a reason to hate one another, whether its the size of your dick or bank account we will always find a way.


    The best a person can do is to make sure they judge each person individualy…except for the left handed, those fucks can swing from a tree for all I care.


    War Machine is becoming some sort of mma themed Buckowski/Hunter S. Thompson hybrid. 



    I just think he watched “Black Dynamite” and mistook it for a documentary.



    war machine went to college??!



    Funny shit, Phoebe.



    There’s only one way to find out volds…



    PS: This is Volds in the locker room…..



    ^yes. but clearly it would be swinging dicks and dangling cocks he’d be looking at but yes this would be him but clearly it would be swinging dicks and dangling cocks he’d be looking at. what just happened…

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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