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    So the M-1 Global/Showtime shows start tonight.  Not much buzz about the card but this one has a personal interest for me.  My good friend and best man in my wedding works for an Aerial photo company and he trained/worked with Jake Doerr who will be fighting TUF washout Vinny Magalhaes.  I’ve hung out with him a few times and even barged the company trip to Acapulco about 4 years back and partied with them at the boss mans condo there.  He’s a really laid back guy but handles his bidness in the cage.


    He is 6-0.  I’ve seen him fight twice.  Finishing by submission one time and the other was a KO slam to close the show at a small Wisconsin venue.  This will be a pretty big step up in competition for him so I am preparing for the worst but hoping for the best.  I assume they are bringing him in hoping to lose to Vinny who is one of their more recognizable names. (by M-1 standards).


    I had heard for a while he was fighting on this card but just finally seen it official.  Anyway I will be stoked to see someone I know fighting on Showtime and wish him the best.



    I ran into Matt Arroyo @ The Prudential Center last Saturday. He ain’t fighting any more & his complexion was fucking awful. Like the “before” pic in a ProActiv ad. There’s my fighter story.

    Also, a dude @ the fights had his 3 mo. old baby w/him. THAT’S a dedicated fan. And a terrible parent. And a New Jersey resident.



    Yeah that’s no place for a 3 month old. wow.

    I also have a story of meeting Roger Huerta frisbee golfing before he got into the UFC which was pretty fun.



    Would you bring a 4mo/old baby to a Metallica concert? Think about the noise. Throw it in the octagon when Shogun loses.



    I’ll throw my Roger Huerta story out there too.

    So I have some friends that got really into disc golfing. I tried it with them and it’s a fun free activity to do outdoors. Fags, I know. A couple of my buddies went on the pro circuit and hit up some tournaments and met a few other pros from my area, Minneapolis. So one weekend we all hook up for a round. One of the guys he met had his chiropractor (also a disc golfer and hella weed smoker) with him who sponsors him for tournaments. This guy/chiro was also Rogers chiropractor while he was attending Augsburg College here so he and a friend came out with the group to throw some discs. It was obvious they had never done it before.

    Roger had a nice shiner on his eye. I picked up on some of the conversation and hear he just had a fight out in Cali where he stopped somebody and Big John McCarthy was reffing his bout. Hearing that made me think this dude may be legit. That’s when I started talking with him and let him know I was a big MMA fan. So he talked about his fight a little bit and how it went. He was super cool and really laid back. I only saw him drink beer, no weed fyi. He and his friend took off before we were finished but I got the hand shake/bro hug from Roger (no homo)and he seemed like a genuine good guy. Then I hear his chiro buddy talking about him trying to get into the UFC.

    That’s where I kind of rolled my eyes a bit. I just can’t fathom some dude running around the park talking about fighting in the ufc so I was like, “yeah ok buddy!” and dismissed it.

    Then a few months later Huerta shows up on the UFC scene and goes on a tear! I will say I was a pretty big fanboy after that and enjoyed his rise in the UFC.

    That’s my closest encounter to MMA fame. Even before he had the fame.



    it’s always cool to see someone you know make it in MMA, i still get a shit-eating grin on my face every time i watch joe benavidez fight. joe’s pretty much my only brush with mma stardom, though i know a lot of guys who wrestled against diego back in the day and a casual acquaintance of mine suffered a KO loss to Carlos Condit a few years back.



    Knew GSP casually in the days that he was a bouncer and when he started in the local MMA circuit. He invited me to my very first MMA match (he fought Thomas Denny who made the most retarded ring entrance I have ever seen). It was George’s wrestling coming out party. SICK knees to the head on the ground that shattered the dudes cheekbone and opened him up which obviously stopped the fight!

    Then there is the whole Joe Rogan UFC Poker incident. Got to have quite a few drinks with the guy (he even talked about me live during the UFC 109 broadcast). Hung out with Bruce Buffer and Mike Goldberg for about an hour. I told mike Goldberg’s brother to stop talking to me like a retard and that put an end to our hanging out :p






    Sweet Leti. Something tells me hanging with the Buffers ain’t all that.

    So Jake perty much got tooled if ya didn’t know. He got dropped or rocked in the first exchange and Vinny was all over him early. Vinny had his back with a body triangle but Jake held off submissions only to be tkod by strikes. The stoppage seemed weak but I didn’t see things changing. I was worried he wasn’t ready for that level but hey he got to fight on Showtime.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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