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Here’s all the reasons why this guy sucks

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    It’s the official Haterade thread, wherein we state why we hate _____ .

    Dish, you catty bitches.


    I hate kos because he is a cocky douche with brillo pad hair. Nothing he does is intersting to me.



    i hate kj noon’s stupid face. he looks like the bad guy to EVERY 80’s teen movie (because high school students were always played by 28 year olds during the 80’s) every time he walks to the cage i expect him to be wearing a Valley High School letter jacket or black Cobra Kai gi. fuck that guy



    anthony ‘bubble’ johnson for bloating up so much and then looking so nasty at weigh ins


    I hate Dave “Pee Wee” Herman for saying that ju-jitsu doesn’t work. I hate him more for failing a weed test and then denying it – it’s just weed dude, fess up.

    I hate Gilbert Melendez for saying that UFC fighters are ducking him when he fights in a different organization. I hate Ceaser Gracie too.

    I hate Ben Askren because he’s a one dimensional fighter that thinks he’s the best WW in the world. I also hate his hair and his Fred Flintstone chin.

    I hate Chael Sonnen for obvious reasons. Yet, I love to read what Chael says.

    I hate Jacob Volkmann for a boring ass style and for making political statements about Obama without even knowing that Saddam Hussein was dead (MMA Hour interview). If you’re being political you should at least pick up a paper now and then. Sort of a big deal when Saddam was hanged.

    I hate Stephan Bonnar because of his voice. But I really feel sorry for him too.

    I hate Mark Munoz for no good reason at all. Maybe it’s because he’s in Blackhouse.

    I hate the whole Blackhouse team with the exception of the Nogs and JDS. I hate them because they’re cocky bastards that think they should be able to hand-pick their matches. Ed Soares is also dirty and he stinks.

    Yes. I hate Anderson Silva for being a generally disrespectful piece of shit. He’s incredible, but I want to see him get his face smashed in anyway. Three bullshit fights is enough to turn me along with his goading and attitude in the cage. I also hate him because he says Sonnen doesn’t deserve a rematch when he so OBVIOUSLY does.

    I hate Aoki for being a complete pussy/asshole all the time, but I love his ju-jitsu.

    I hate Bobby Southworth for being a talentless, diva bully. Sure it’s been six years since TUF 1, but god-damn do I hate that bitch for his general attitude.



    I’m not a fan of Jon Jones for obvious reasons, such as thanking God for a victory before the fight.

    I hate Paul Harris because he is a roided looking wad of tard meat who is always trying to cripple people. And I really hate his full retard victory celebration.

    And I also hate Ben Askren. Just look at him.



    & Dominick Cruz. There is a time for dance dance revolution, and that is when you are at the theatre arcade waiting for your movie to start, not when you are supposed to be kicking someones asshole.


    i hatre jonathan brookins cause he looks weird as fuck

    i hate alex caceres cause he is fucking lame

    i hate frankie edgar cause he is boring as fuck and couldnt finish his old lady with mandingos help

    I hate shinya Aoki cause he is a little jap bitch who probably chugs man cock

    i hate anderson silva because he is disrespectful and kind of strange, his love for michael jackson is off putting




    ii hate brookins cuz his stand up is worse than roger ggracie

    i hate brock cuz hhe eats more deer than i do



    I hate all of you faggots.



    ^^^ and I thought Clint’s first post was slightly insensitive. wow. wow. ^^wow.


    G Funk

    I love everybody, even Frick.


    insensitive is my middle name




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