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Help me understand why people think Clay Guida is good.

Home Forums MMA Related Help me understand why people think Clay Guida is good.

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    He’s got two decent wins in the UFC (Pettis and Diaz).

    Meathead: “Hey, eat shit. He beat that Japanese guy. That guy’s good.”
    Me: “Shut the fuck up. Gomi’s done. I respect his past accomplishments, but he’s done now.”
    Meathead: “Mac Danzig was the Ultimate Fighter winner!”
    Me: “Stop it.”

    Yeah, he’s got that gaudy 29-11 record, but 18 of those wins came in events with names like XKK: Des Moines and UCS 2: Battle at the Barn.

    His combined record in Strikeforce, Shooto, WEC, and UFC fights is 11-7.

    Clay Guida is a gatekeeper.



    Clay Guida is the blanket test.  If you can get past him, you can handle the wrestlers at the top end of the division.  If you can’t, go work on your wrestling.

    And I hate him.



    Very few mammals can hump like Guida. Respect. And what agent said.

    *Those shoulder strikes make me not like him more. Always a hugfest.



    Morghen–>while I appreciate your sentiment, your logic is a complete fucking fail.

    Every fighter specializes in 1 or 2 things. Clay’s skillset may be limited to rasslin & sick cardio, but he is phenominal @ those things. Most fighters records can be dissected in the same way. And when guys like Couture only have tough fights, their records tend to suck.

    Forget arbitrary rankings. Guys string wins together. Eventually they either “deserve” a shot or are just good marketing. The UFC is a business 1st & a sport 2nd.

    Fight fans also have short memories. So it’s mostly true that you’re only as good as your last fight. If he looked great & didn’t play it safe in the Pettis fight, you wouldn’t feel the same (I’m speculating). I’m not a huge Guida fan but the guy is a legit fighter. He’s better than most guys @ 155 on the planet. As much as any fighter wants to finish, they also need to win. People have real lives & bills to pay. They’re not ONLY there for our entertainment. Give him a modicum of respect.


    He’s a high-intensity gatekeeper with a charming personality.  As much as I loathed that “fight” if Pettis couldn’t get past Guida Frankie or Gray would rape him on PPV.

    And if Guida gets back to using his wrestling to put submissions in place (actually fighting to defeat an opponent) he’ll be on the rise in the division.



    @Frick: Couture was the guy that immediately came to mind. But look at who he fought. He was constantly fighting top-notch guys.

    From 2008 on, Guida’s beaten, in order: a guy who lost his last two and hasn’t fought in three years (Schiavo), a guy who is 3-4 since 2008 (Danzig), a guy who is 3-5 in his last eight (Diaz), a guy who was 2-3 in the UFC (Gugerty), a guy who is 3-3 in the UFC (dos Anjos), and a guy who is 3-4 in his last seven (Gomi).

    The problem I have with people thinking Guida is good is that he’s not beating anybody worth a damn, except for Anthony “Wolfslair” Pettis.

    I actually like a guy who can wrestle. I appreciate the ability to smother an opponent’s offense, but I fucking hate it when the guy JUST smothers his opponent.

    From CompuStrike:
    -In the Pettis fight, Guida ATTEMPTED a total of 89 strikes during the entire fight and attempted ZERO submissions in 9 minutes and 52 seconds of ground time.
    -Fabio Maldonado LANDED 91 strikes and had one submission attempt (in 2:39 of ground time).



    He’s lost to the top guys he fought (Kenny, Diego & Gil)…..what more can you say? He beats anybody else not in top 5. End of story. If you don’t like his fights, don’t buy his Fathead.

    Most Jackals shit on KenFlo. I love the guy. He’s not great @ any 1 thing except hard work & trying to be a student of the sport. He can’t beat the top top guys either (or actually hurt Lauzon from full fucking mount). His career is quite similar to Clay.

    For the record, I’m not @ all a snob & don’t particularly care for Clay’s style. But if his opponents can’t neutralize him, that’s on their camp to figure out. If the UFC doesn’t how well he sells, they won’t put him on the main card.

    I absolutely fucking hated the PeeWee / Einemo fight yet it got FOTN. Opinion is a motherfucker.



    you should ask ryan that same question, since it’s clay’s fault that this exists out there



    and frick is an MMA snob for not getting into the slobberknocker that was the Herman/J.O.E fight


    PS – I’ve never heard anyone say he’s “good” as you titled your post – most people just like his energy and personality.



    He makes me laugh when he burps between rounds.  But he hasn’t done that in awhile now.




    i never thought he was good until that pettis fight. i dont like the way he fights but he did well



    Wow, I forgot about that video!



    @thingy – I can see why you like him now:

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