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He just loves Jail – can’t get enough!

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    Guess who seemingly didn’t show up to court and got himself arrested.  Here’s a hint, he was so afraid of his wife he strangled her and pounded her head into his lawn while his screaming children and neighbors watched.

    Then he had the nerve to say his boss wasn’t a man for not wanting to talk about continuing his employment.

    Yeah, that’s who.



    before i click the link and find out it brett rogers. i’m gonna guess it’s brett rogers.



    dj you lied you said that he beat his wife AGAIN.



    It’s like you’re allergic to thinking.


    I had actually guessed War Machine before I even opened up the thread and I was shaking my head in disapproval because I had hoped that War Machine finally reformed. But then I read the first post and I was relieved that it was Brett Rogers. Phew. Fuck Brett Rogers. He knocked out a glass-jawed Andrei Arlovski and that made him top 10. His only real claim to fame.



    “Dana white needs to man up and bail me out”

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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