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    They dubbed her voice after all.  I’m a huge fan of Gina’s but there is no way I can sit through fucking dubbing.

    Besides that little superficial bit, they made her rely on random people helping her to defeat Channing fucking Tatum.  That’s some Shaw level propping-up right there.



    She can dub my dick aye guys amirite aye huh yeah…dub my dick



    Damn I was hoping for a vid of hobos gargling balls…


    wow not even good dubing


    EXACTLY!!!  This suggests that its never Gina because there’s no way they can go from her voice to this woman’s without this movie being unwatchable.  I wonder if they’d paddle that far down shit creek?


    Damn I was hoping for a vid of hobos gargling balls…

    I hadone up for comparison, but Rebellion Media made me take it down.



    bastards. I applaud your effort.


    No sweat. I don’t think it’s necessary given how bad the preview is.  Just so much worse than I thought the movie would be, and I thought it would be terrible.



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Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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