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    (OK, so not MMA but Boxing is related to MMA…)


    Right so Saturday sees giant-killer David ‘Hayemaker’ Haye take on Wladimir ‘Boring as hell’ Klitschko.


    I reckon that David really has his work cut out – he’ll most likely be stuck on the end of a jab and despite managing to get in close a few times and land some big shots, Klitschko will walk him down and jab him to a decision.  Still, I’m pulling for Haye, for the sake of the sport and the heavyweight division in general.


    The trash talking, as is standard for any Haye bout, has been pretty good:

    “Haye, who along with his team were wearing T-shirts showing his Hayemaker of a right hand decapitating an opponent in his new iPhone-app game, repeated his threats to ‘rip off Wladimir’s head’.

    When the elder Vitali challenged Haye not to duck the after-fight press conference ‘when you lose’, the 30-year-old Englishman retorted: ‘You make sure you’re there. Don’t go off in the ambulance with your brother.’

    Wladimir responded: ‘So you want to send me to hospital, do you, David? Well, I wish you good health for your future.’

    Reigning WBO, IBF and IBO world heavyweight champion Klitschko, though, promised Haye would be a better person after he was through with him.   

    He said: ‘My name is Dr Klitschko, I am a therapist and on July 2 I am going to give you treatment. It is going to be reality rehab.

    ‘I will knock you out into reality, which will be good for your life. You will be a better person and have better manners.’





    This will be a great fight to watch…




    … hung over on Sunday.


    It would be nice to see some new faces at the apex of the heavyweight mountaintop, but I don’t know if the brit is the guy to do it.


    As leti said this will be prime time sunday morning breakfast fights on the dvr.



    Carcass–>GOOD TO SEE YOU, lurker. Boxing is such a bitter disappointment for me in the last decade that I don’t follow it too much outside of Super Six type events or HBO shows. I wouldn’t use the word “excited” to describe my interest here. More like……best heavyweight fight put on in many years although Haye is barely a contender except for the fact that there isn’t 1 other heavy on the planet not named Klitschko that anyone gives a shit about.

    As far as the trashtalk, any Jackal on here could promote himself just as well. You know it doesn’t mean shit. With that said, I set it to DVR (on mid-afternoon in NY) so I’ll watch it for sure. After all, we got a damn UFC to watch this weekend!!

    Hit me up on Facebook after you watch it & give me your impression of the fight.



    who is david haye?



    I’ll assume that’s not a wind-up.

    Haye is the WBA World Champion.  Whoever wins this fight will be the unified, undisputed world HW champion.



    Your ignorance wins you the prize behind door number 3


    god damn you leti



    Carcass, I’m not shitting on boxing but rather lost interest to get excited over it. I only go out of my way to watch Lucien Bute fight live in Montreal (and I wont have that pleasure in his next bout). I have been following his career since his first professional bout. The rest of the Bute cards are always scary bad so its painful to sit through an entire event. I used to have a love for boxing but now that place in my heart is filled with hate towards the promoters and what they have done to what was once a glorious sport.




    Leti, my comment was for glassjawsh.

    I only got into boxing because I needed to improve my hands for my muay thai, which I got into to round out my BJJ background. So its kinda a tertiary interest for me. Still, my boxing coach was one of Hayes sparring partners for the Valuev fight, I hate the way Klitschko fights and Haye is a Brit so I’m interested in how this one goes.

    There is a lot of truly shitty boxing around. Then again, most local mma shows leave a lot to be desired…still, Haye seen determined to try and turn this one into a brawl and that makes it worth a look.

    BTW, if any MMA fanboys in here want to see a really good boxing match that they might not have heard of, may I humbly suggest that you watch Nigel Benn vs Chris Eubank and see your concept of a “war” get redefined.



    I think I’ll check it out, if only for the lack of better things to do.



    Carcass, I know you weren’t talking to me but after I posted I realized I might come across as shitting on boxing, which was not my intent and I simply wanted to make that crystal clear.

    I miss boxing. The pool is poisoned for the moment. I truly feel that boxing has to die a slow death to be reborn. 15 years of death to go.

    The promoters will finish drying up the money pool. The hard core boxing fans will get older and start to drop dead. The current old school promoters will also start to drop dead (there are good promoters out there but they get crushed by the rest of the jack asses). This will have the same result as a forest fire in a forest invaded by pine trees. The pine trees choke every other vegetation out with their sun blocking berth and their acidic ground poisoning dead needles. The fire destroys the pine tress, burns the litter of high PH needles littering the ground and resets the ecology. The first trees to grow after a fire are shade intolerant pioneer trees and the shade from their canopies provide healthy shelter for new foliage to blossom into a luscious deciduous mixed forest. The coniferous trees eventually grow back and overtake the forest but until they do the forest becomes abundant with an exciting variety of life.

    Boxing is about to have that forest fire and I think MMA is the fire that will ravage it. It seems bad but when those life choking pine trees burn to death it will leave room for the new generation to change everything and rebirth boxing. Eventually the sport will spoil again as a new breed of greedy promoter is surely to take over but at least we will have experienced many years of a rejuvenated sport. MMA should learn from this and avoid the cycle all together.

    I think I should not post when drinking cause this shit might not make sense in the morning.\




    I haven’t watched a HW boxing match in years, but this one has my attention a little. I may have to track this down sunday. Just to see the “best” HW boxing has to offer.



    Well Haye took 20-odd fucking minutes to make his ring entrance. boxing is back. and the idiot promoters haven’t put a fence between the fans and the fighter, lol. he’s getting mobbed. 

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