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haters’ worst fears confirmed, alistair overeem best striker in the world

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    yup he pulled it off, ubereem won the 2010 K1 GP


    now there is irrefutable proof that overeem is the best striker not only in mma but in the world


    i pre-emptively win ever arguement over the reem from here to infinity




    let my unending mangasm commence








    Good for him. Now lets see him defend his belt.


    I’ll give him credit for having the best striking in mma, but in the world? Wouldn’t that title belong to Semmy since he’s won K1 the most.


    I’ll do Subo a favor and say that the no clinching rule change is the reason Schilt isn’t the 2010 champ.

    and Fivebolt, Overeem is the champ, Yankees have won the most pennants in baseball but the SF Giants are the champs, Boston Celtics have the most nba championships, but the Lakers are the champs

    Sports are a what have you done for me lately endeavor, Alistair won last night.

    Deal with it. *puts on david carusso shades with “Won’t Get Fooled Again” playing in the background*


    From Alistairs updated wiki

    “On December 11, 2010 he won the K-1 World Grand Prix title by defeating Tyrone Spong, Gokhan Saki and Peter Aerts and made history that night by being the only fighter in combat sports to hold a title in both MMA and in K-1 Kickboxing at the same time.”

    thats a monumental achievement no matter how you cut it.



    Great achievement for the Reem, going in as an MMA outsider against the world’s best strikers and becoming the champ, very impressive.

    I’m hoping his 2011 is more focused towards mma, would like to see him fight at least three times… Big Foot, Werdum and Fedor would be more than suitable opponents.



    DAAMN!! that’s fuckin ballin.



    Very impressive stuff indeed. I still think his MMA record is less than spectacular, but winning a K-1 title is pretty cool.


    The big thing to me is how he kept his composure against spong.

    People always say he has a weak chin.

    Fuck that.

    Reem for life.


    Why is my post gone?



    Overeems “Word MMA title” is worthless.

    He had one challenging fight last night, which he narrowly won. He then fought 2 injured and f ed up guys in the semi, and final.

    Hes not the best striker in either MMA or K1.

    He is however, the most ROIDed man in the world.



    @ chim – that is like saying that the lakers aren’t the best basketball team because the celtics starters weren’t 100% healthy and didn’t play all 48 minutes every game in the finals

    whoever wins the K-1 grand prix is the the “best striker in the world” (just like whoever win the 100m in the olympics is the “worlds fastest human”)

    you’re either functionally retarded or just a hater


    i think chim has a point. Any tourny championship should be taken with a grain of salt. How many guys would have won in the fight had taken place the next month, week, or even fucking day. Look at fedor… He would have only one loss on his record if the shitty rules hadnt kicked in with his cut.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 54 total)

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