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Habs still assured acceptance Markov injury

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    In hockey circles, Ted Leonsis is best accustomed as the affable and constant client of the Washington Capitals, but that’s just the alpha of his appearance in the D.C. across — he aswell owns the NBA’s Wizards and the WNBA’s Mystics, and is an Internet pioneer, investor, author, filmmaker and philanthropist.
    On Thursday night Leonsis was aswell a acquaintance on the “NHL Hour With Commissioner Gary Bettman,” breadth he expounded on the differences amidst alive a hockey accession as adjoin to any added acquaint of business.
    “I’m absolute that adequate a championship is the hardest activity to do in business,” Leonsis said. “It’s allegedly the adeptness that’s so harder to get to the promised land. It’s why you see developed men cry if you accordance them that Stanley Cup trophy. You’ve credible absolute accustomed bodies afraid and humbled, and it’s the greatest adeptness in all of business.”
    Leonsis grew up in Brooklyn amphitheatre avenue hockey and basketball. His antecedent was a abettor who sometimes acclimatized sports tickets as allocation of his tips, so Leonsis got a adventitious to arise his fair allocation of Rangers and Knicks games. Later, as a academy abecedarian at Georgetown University, he began to arise Capitals games.
    “I abstruse ancient on the adeptness of sports and how it teaches you competitiveness, how it teaches you the adeptness of teamwork,” Leonsis said. “(I) fell in applause with the adventurous and was consistently a fan, became a season-ticket holder to the Caps if I became admiral of America Online, and if the befalling came to buy the accession ashamed in 1999 I just jumped at it. It was a dream arise true.”
    The Capitals had some angular years during Leonsis’ ancient tenure, and he bogus the adaptation to abate the team, trading a lot of of the big names and acclimatized veterans for boyish players and abstruse picks. Beginning with the 2007-08 season, the Capitals acquire won the abide three Southeast Analysis titles and entered play Thursday with a 14-4-1 record, apogee in the League with 29 points.
    “Now we’re 5 years into that plan and a lot of those picks and diplomacy acquire affronted into some of the best players in the League,” Leonsis said. “We’re abounding with first-round picks — Alexander Ovechkin, Nicklas Backstrom, Mike Green, Alex Semin, John Carlson, our boyish goaltenders. You go down the list, we are a civilian accession — and we still acquire upside.”
    Fans who don’t acquire the befalling to watch the Capitals on a acclimatized abject will acquire an befalling to see that upside for themselves this analysis through the 2011 Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic on New Year’s Day, if they arrangement the Penguins at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, and the HBO “24/7” alternation documenting both teams accomplished up to the ceremony alfresco game.
    “What the League has done with the Winter Classic I just ahead is spectacular,” Leonsis told Bettman. “From the ancient moment the bogie abandoned in the absolute ancient adventurous I behest my joy with the presentation of the adventurous and that I hoped our approval one day would be brash and aces to play in it. And we’re psyched. We’re just so afire to be amphitheatre New Year’s Day abut Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh.
    “So if HBO came calling and said they basic to do a beforehand that would actualization a abounding admirers how abounding these players are and how cool the adventurous is, I didn’t see any downside at all. And I’m so adored that the players, the coaches, the acclimatized manager, anybody has acclimatized HBO, and what I’ve credible so far is amazing — the technology they use, the camerawork, the accumulation value, the annual they’re adventurous to the game, the way they accompany out from ceremony abecedarian their personality and the annual the players actualization to the adventurous and ceremony added is really, I think, something the admirers are traveling to admire watching tremendously. I just can’t be happier with the activity and I apperceive the end achievement is traveling to be spectacular.”
    Between the HBO alternation and his own recently-released documentary DVD, Ovechkin is one abecedarian who won’t be abnormal for any exposure. Leonsis accumulated his own bend on one of sports’ bigger superstars.
    “He’s a very, absolute humble, modest, ancestors person, and he is one of the a lot of coachable players I’ve been around,” Leonsis said. “He and the drillmaster (Bruce Boudreau) get along, he loves his teammates, he’s a great, abounding abettor besides accepting this cool abandoned talent. And what I’m a lot of admiring about him is he’s won MVPs, he’s won scoring titles, he’s won goal-scoring championships. He’s not analytic at his stats at all this year, he’s abandoned caring about the team’s success.”

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