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    Franklin Edward vs Greg Manyor: This is the third and final time these two UFC cage MMA art majors will disappoint us. No one wants to see them fight again. What division are they in? Do they have a weightclass for midgets? Which one is the champion? Does anyone really care?

    Jose Elbow vs Ben Florini: This fight is happening inside the octagon, just like the rest of the fights on the card. These two fighters will walk slowly out of the locker room and get pumped up once their walk-out entrance music plays over the speakers. Then they will stop in front of a referee, at which point they will undress, hug everyone in their entourage and turn around. Then, vaseline will be applied to their faces and their bodies will be inspected for knives and semen.

    Pow Son In vs Bryant Stand: I just got word that Pow Son In will live tweeting inbetween rounds, so make sure you’re logged in to your accounts to read the hilario things that Pow Son In will be thinking about as he fights. Byrant Stand is a Marine.

    A couple of fighters you may not know about:

    Darren Elkins

    Stipe Miocic

    Zhang Tie Quan

    A few fighters you may know about:

    Nam Phan

    Anthony Pettis

    Demian Maia


    As always, thanks to our good friend and neighbor Petey R’Doules for illegally owning a cracked version of Photoshop CS5.




    lol. fucked that poster up. whatever.


    There needs to be a photochop of Greg Maynor in Beiber hair.



    Hahahabahaha!! Good shit Phoeniggz!!


    wow i like it



    thanks good life partners. it’s a nice third world country knockoff.


    G Funk

    Yes, is a funny post.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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