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GSP, I Am Not Impressed With Your Performance

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    wow. jake stalked gsp the entire fight, landing kicks, jabs, and right hands, bloodying GSPs face and injuring his eye. jake even took GSPs best shot and kept coming, winning the fifth round.

    moral victory for jake

    brutal embarrassment for GSP and his fanboys (many of whom post here, and are now on suicide watch)

    id be shocked if GSP moved up to middleweight. its pretty obvious silva would murder him now.

    GSP is mentally weak. he has all the gifts in the world except heart. this is to be expected though, the french have never been known to show heart or bravery in battle (except for rochambeau, but thats because he was surrounded by thousands of americans).

    nick diaz will defeat GSP and bring some dignity back to the 170lb title. i am 100% sure, or i will never post again.



    You’re just mad cuz your broke now. I would like to see him face Diaz though. He would at least make it interesting standing I think. I miss the old GSP that threw a combo once in a while. He should have finished Jake.


    thing is right about GSP being mentally weak and kinda a pussy after getting bombed by Serra. He needs a new camp that will teach him new shit and the will to dish out a beatdown.



    Both guys in the main event last night would tool Diaz.


    imagine if you will Nick Diaz vs Anderson Silva and andy is playing coy


    Jake put in work and Georges showed little creativity. I’m a scrote barnacle of both the main eventers so it was still a fun fight for me. I know never to underestimate the Scrap Pack so I was kinda lovin’ watching the MapleBot realize his software could not adapt despite his incredible physical tools and financial/educational resources.

    Lyoto’s Crane Technique and Quato Hominick were the real highlights of the night for me.


    Fuck GSP. I’m happy to see that the Toronto crowd eventually boo’d him and stopped giving him a free pass for being Canadian. I don’t care if we share the same nationality. He’s boring as fuck. And he’s not a fighter. An athlete but not a fighter. I hate watching him fight.



    ^^I’ve been saying this for a long time. GSP is a pretty boy who is a tremendous athlete & fights b/c he’s good at it. He doesn’t fight for the love of fighting. That should make all of you put your BJ Penn hating into perspective. The guy might be an excuse-making baby. But he never shied away from a scrap no matter what (hello, Machida fight).

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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