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Greg Savage – “AT LEAST 60 to 70 percent” of fighters use steroids

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    “its so prevalent, its seems to me that people just dont want to believe it, or, theyre turning a blind eye to it.” “ill go on record and say its AT LEAST 60 to 70 percent. i spend a lot of time in the major camps around mixed martial arts, and its extremely, extremely prevalent.” – greg savage, 10/13/2010

    even though its painfully obvious that the majority of fighters juice, somehow hearing savage say this on air still surprised me a little.

    the list of guys who swear theyve never juiced is comical. gsp (obvious), frank shamrock (blatantly obvious) brock lesnar (LMFAO). and the list of guys who accuse others is just as funny (koscheck, tito).

    theyre all doing it and theyre all getting away with it. guys are leaving behind the deca for shit that is impossible or really hard to detect, like growth and epo. and the myth that juicing doesnt give you a huge edge in endurance sports is evaporating quickly. just ask lance armstrong, roberto contador or floyd landis.

    personally i dont care what these meatheads do. i think juice is great when used properly. but there is something very satisfying about watching a skinny guy like demian maia or roger choke the dogshit out of some jacked up juice monkey.



    Greg and Josh were talking 30-70% based on their anecdotal findings not 60-70%.



    dude i posted an exact quote from savage yesterday. what part of it did you not understand


    Man, 60-70% is some serious rotten shit in denmark. Goddamn the athletic commissions for letting it get to this.



    Juicing?? You mean like this:

    Personally, I love juice. Raw foods are very important to a balanced diet.



    Who knows for sure but with all the discussion it seems to be a pretty high number. No wonder Dana is in no hurry to clean things up, he would have a mess on his hands. If you ain’t cheating you ain’t trying I guess.



    ^yeah dana is certainly in no hurry to clean things up. thats like rennovating a building with asbestos fireproofing and insulation or a home made with that toxic chinese drywall. its a clusterfuck thats gonna cost a shitload of time and money.

    its tempting to compare the ped situation in mma with the ped situation in mlb. in the 90s bud selig knew very well the players were cheating. how could he not? guys like mcgwire, sosa and bonds looked more like cartoonish superheros than baseball players. but selig turned a blind eye because the homerun race completely revitalized baseball. mlb went from a loss to huge profits. eventually mcgwire broke the maris record and what shouldve been a momentous occasion was viewed as a disgrace by many. then what no one saw coming happened, the congressional hearings.

    baseball is our national pastime, while mma is still somewhat of a fringe sport. but i wonder if an inquisition like this is in the future of mma. dana is always talking about how mma is going to be bigger than soccer. if he really believes that, he should probably take a lesson from bud selig.



    “Juicing?? You mean like this:

    Personally, I love juice. Raw foods are very important to a balanced diet.”



    G Funk




    I would venture to guess that most MMA fighters do cycle on and off the roids for 2 reasons. Some want to look jacked, like sherk or alvarez, and all use it to heal nagging injuries and such. MMA and the NFL have a lot in common, and if anyone thinks that the NFL is clean, then you’re retarded. We’re talking about guys who take a beating for a living, and can’t miss a fight, or they’re fucked for up to 6-12 months. The human body is extremely strong and weak at the time, so I don’t fault any fighter helping themselves to try and make ends meet. The holier than thou d-bags, like those crabs at bloodyelbow can go fuck themselves for their over-zealous condemnation of some fighters, in a pathetic attempt to garner some low level journalist status. A little juice to help a body heal and build muscle to protect said body from the vicious beating it takes on a daily basis, doesn’t really bother me in the least. By the way, this isn’t a court of law, and I don’t need prove anything beyond a reasonable doubt.


    I am against steriods in mma in general. Every fighter should be put through blood and urine tests, both as soon as the fight is annouced, twice at random anytime for 3 months before there fight, and immediately after.

    I am completely against self absorbed vain idiots wanting to look jacked for their fight.

    However, i am for the use of steriods in a controlled and supervised manner to help fighters overcome their injuries. Insuring a 3 month steriod free period before any fight is imperiative, as is the correct diagnosis and supervision of treatment from both doctors and athletic commissions ( i realize the current commissions incompetence level is so high they could never manage something like this, but hey, a perfect world would be nice).



    Savage has said this for years, “going on record” really means nothing, it has been his position for years. I also believe this is a correct assertion.

    In fact, I would maintain that about 90% of fighters have at some point at least tried PED’s. Given that, it doesn’t seem unreasonable to assume a high current user base.


    G Funk

    @ X you conveniently left out having a competetive edge. Therefore your argument is chit mein(I mean this in a good way).



    “By the way, this isn’t a court of law, and I don’t need prove anything beyond a reasonable doubt.”

    No sir, you are correct – this is not a court of law. This is the Internet. Feel free to needlessly slander hundreds of people you’ve never met.



    ^^as long as we all agree on the rules.

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