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Greatest MMA Website Of All Time Just Vanished?

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    it looks like fightsport has finally died.

    fightsport was, for many years, the only mma site worth reading. they consistantly broke stories days before anyone else. their journalistic integrity was beyond compare. their rankings were solid. they killed zuffa and doesnt afraid of anything. most importantly, they were funny as shit.

    in the past few years, fightsport was reduced to a handful of posters on one message board. a shadow of its former glory. the news page and rankings hadnt been updated in ages. it didnt look good, but for some reason you just assumed it would soldier on.

    sadly, fightsport is now a blank white page with an error message. gone are the great exposes that struck fear into the crooks. gone are the classic message board battles between mma insiders.

    will fightsport rise like phoenix from the ashes and reclaim its title of “king of mma websites”? is this just another troll job from the evil geniuses behind fightsport? we can hope, but its doubtful.

    rest in peace, Free Speech Monster.


    G Funk

    I’m actually quite surprised that death didn’t happen here. For a while early last year it seemed to go in that direction.



    this place is just another week long drug binge away from the white page of death as well


    P W

    Shit. If I type in “fight” in my browser’s address bar, Fightsport appears higher up than Fightlinker. Even though the site had basically been reduced to forum for jew bashing and 9-11 conspiracy theories it could still occasionally be very entertaining to read. Back in the old days in was my favorite MMA site, bar none.


    Yeah surprised this took so long. I didn’t think Fightsport had been updated since I started blogging. RIP, always sad to see the good sites go, especially since so many bland ones manage to survive and prosper.



    Ryan–>why are you taking a stab @ Fightlinker? The guy running it has been doing a little better lately. Even though they borked the “myforums” tab, the “myforums” URL is a decent band-aid.


    I deserve to be stabbed. I’m one of the worst webmasters ever :-p



    ^ When the history books are written, boss, YOU will be remembered as “my first enabler”


    By stabbed to you mean poked in the rectum?


    I know no one will believe it, but but when I’m not popping in to check on spam every coupla hours, I’m too busy right now to work on the Latest Comments block. I’ve got two projects right now taking up all my personal time whenever I’m not sick on ABs (not now, knock on wood) that’ll run for the next three weeks.

    Until then I’m the worst webmaster’s IT guy in history.








    ^^I can’t hear you over all of the amazing technological breakthroughs @ CES this week:



    watching the simpsons is ironic.



    I realized I am a hipster this morning when saw a Prius & started daydreaming about my next car (which will either be a hybrid, EV or use Flex Fuel @ least).

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 38 total)

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