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Gina Carano back at Xtreme Couture

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    she looks gross. and fat. her vagina probably smells like bleach.


    thanks phoenix, my kid is looking at me like a weirdo for laughing at that bleach line.


    But nice to see gina back in the gym,  i keep getting the vibe that she has to do a lot of work to stay hot. Its almost as if she can go from cover girl to average to meh/forgettable in a matter of weeks.


    Kinda sucks that the 135 div is where its at right now in female mma, Cris Cyborg is holding onto the 145 strap for the foreseeable future.


    Damn baby, you fat!



    I thought the first thing.  I thought the second thing.  I did not think the third thing.  Well done phoenix



    women aren’t meant to fight. but Hooray.



    Holy shit. She is unrecognizably ugly. I kinda hoped that Hollywood kept her on a strict diet of:
    1) meal replacement shake for breakfast
    2) 1/2 a grapefruit & cottage cheese for lunch
    3) her finger for dinner


    Neat to see her back.



    It’s hard to believe looking at those pics that she used to be considered so amazingly HOT



    I hope this is a start to getting back into fight shape. I will reserve my excitement until there is a contract signed. She still has the promotional work for Haywire.

    There were rumors running around when she was announced as a lead in this film that both Soderbergh, and Spielberg had some future plans for her if Haywire does well. If you want to see her fight, pray the movie flops, and the movie media hates her.

    On a positive note…..we’ll have lots of pics in a couple months when she starts the media tour.



    she gots work to do.


    G Funk

    Gina’s boy toy only blogs when Gina’s training/fighting!



    G Funk–>ur avi is a classic!! But ur gonna run out of gay MMA pics eventually (when Dolloway & Bader are gone)….



    I have a feeling that he’ll never run out of gay fighter pics. Tom Lawler had some awesome pics with a shirtless gay bottle service guy on his FB page this week.


    G Funk I only put it up because FL didn’t have it up yet. 

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 20 total)

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