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Gilbert Melendez needs some love

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    Gilbert did an interview for Sherdog’s Fight Week. Not to bad, check it out. I got me thinking though:

    – It has been eight months since his last fight!
    – He is healthy.
    – He is forced to call out 170’ers to even get some press coverage.
    – One year of inactivity can hurt both the fighters ability, and marketability.

    This is unacceptable treatment of a top tier fighter in his prime. I’m sure he makes good coin in Strikeforce, but he needs to fight to get paid. At this rate it is only a matter of time before the UFC starts to look to good to pass up.

    4 Guys who are ready to go……

    -Tatsuya Kawajiri

    Or if you can’t get him from Dream

    -Lyle Beerbohm 15-0
    -Billy Evangelista 11-0
    -KJ Noons – coming off a loss, but Gilbert would take the fight. I doubt that Noons will….Gil has a ground game that is a major part of his current game plans (Diaz has been standing lately, and wanted to KO noons)

    Are these the best fights in the world…no
    Are they better than nothing…YES!

    People bashed all over the UFC when GSP was sidelined to coach TUF. Where is the outrage for Gilbert doing nothing for almost a year??



    I would like to see him fight as well. This is what happens when fighters sign w/Strikeforce. Actually, this is what happens when fighters can’t get signed by the UFC.

    And considering how short an MMA career is (compared to most other pro sports), he ain’t making SHIT for what he risks.



    Too bad that Alvarez fight ain’t happening. Fucking tease.



    i thought the kawajiri fight was a go?



    Kawajiri is just a rumor.

    Dream may not want to lend him to Strikeforce due to his rising marketability in the JMMA scene. It depends on what their plans are after the Q1 “restructuring”.


    People bashed all over the UFC when GSP was sidelined to coach TUF. Where is the outrage for Gilbert doing nothing for almost a year??

    Outrage requires emotional investment. Wrestlepunchers without HL reel KOs need to throw some spinning back kicks in there before that happens.

    The Noons fight would be good. I think he has the TD defense to make it interesting.

    Or Diaz is just that terrible at wrasslin’.



    Thomson, JZ, and Noons are all coming off losses, and the rest of the Strikeforce LW roster is basically the Challengers-level guys like Billy Evangelista and Fancypants Beerbohm. Meanwhile Kawajiri’s only 2 losses in the last 4 years were to Aoki and Alvarez, and he’s already beaten Thomson and JZ. So unless they can actually get Alvarez (which I doubt), Kawajiri is the only fight that makes sense.



    AgentSmith, Comment 6

    Good post, but at this point “the only fight that makes sense” is out the window. When the champ has been sitting for 8 months (healthy), he just needs to remain active.

    Thompson, JZ, Noons coming off losses – Strikeforce has already set precedent that they don’t care if their champs face guys coming off of losses. I don’t agree, but all three meet the “fun fight” requirement.

    Evangelista and Fancypants Beerbohm being “Challengers level” is a failure of the promotion not growing their in house talent, and lack of foresight. I don’t think either will make it out of the first round with Gilbert, but at least it’s a fight.

    Promotions need to promote. Hell Dana White made Florian v Sherk, (with Kenny coming off wins over Karalexis, Cope, and Stout), and made it work.



    Speaking of Beerbohm, his last two fights weren’t even with Strikeforce. So either he’s not with them anymore, or he’s having to take fights elsewhere to keep busy himself.



    He has to take fights to keep busy. Strikeforce dropped the ball with him after his Shaolin fight. He has talked about the trouble getting fights with Strikeforce in a couple interviews. He also was looking for a lawyer to help him get out of his contract.

    15-0 Undefeated record – Check
    Wins over a few “named” opponents (Oliveira, Ludwig, Ribeiro) – Check
    Good back story of overcoming adversity – Check
    A feel good story with his Mom making his shorts – Check

    The story writes itself.

    EDIT: I expect to see him on a future season of TUF, if he can break the contract.


    gilbert can die in a row boat fire and i wouldnt care



    never watched him fight.



    ^ you confuse me, you seem like an mma fan that’s never watched mma. interesting angle I guess



    Jawshy, if you haven’t learned anything by now you should at least know that you need ZERO MMA related knowledge to enjoy this site.

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)

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