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    The new women in my life says today she can’t except my fighter lifestyle. I am so stressed today, and has caused me to miss training. She is new in my life, but was becoming a serious thing. She wasn’t one of my typical bar fly girls that I get bored of. She didn’t call me yesterday, and like a good guy I called her between my training sessions in my car. Tried to explain to her what it is like 4-6 weeks leading up to a fight, but rest of time fairly easy. Today calls and doesn’t think we are in the same place in life. She’s 31, me 26. I’m like, what does it matter, nothing will matter for 2-3 years anyway in a relationship. Your not going to get married or get a house together before than anyway. I figure, This sport and myself I will either be in a certain place within two years now that I am dedicated and know it is definately going somewhere and some financial success (between MMA and starting boxing career soon), or I won’t and then can become a firefighter or cop or go back into military like she was talking to me about a few days ago. Just watched The Smashing Machine again, and I don’t need those distractions. I told her I was upset she is making judgements before even watching my fights, or looking up anything on net or anything. She calls it “my boxing thing”. I figured, fudge it were done whatever and made plans with one of my bar flies wanting to get over depression right away. But then she called and we talked, and she said she would like to talk in person probably tonight. I’ve left her a message since then and said I would appreciate getting together tonight and showing her some of the magazines I have been in, my fights, and one UFC fight (Tito vs. Randy. I am waiting to here back from her. Earliar she was saying now she thinks we need to be a more casual thing than boyfriend/girlfriend route we were going done. Now I am pissed off and hurt, but figure if she calls me tonight and will look at MMA then maybe she could still be my main thing, and someone I could take to christmas parties etc when I get back from upcoming fight. Frustrated, Dear MMA abby, what do I do? Similar stories? Honest advise? Needed to vent :)



    Do you watch hogs together?



    it’s my honest opinion that youre a total faggot. im sure she picked up on that too (hint: it was probably the fallic viewing, and discussion about/planning of fallic viewing that tipped her off)


    Don’t forget he wanted to show her Randy grinding and spanking Tito.

    Seriously, it sounds like you’re too self-centered and wrapped-up in your “careers/fantasies” to be in a relationship and would be better-off in a casual booty-call/friends-with-benefits-who-can-never-go-back-to-being-friends situation.

    At her age, she might not be looking for a boy playing warrior games and wants a man who’s gonna be there for more than himself.



    This is a copy/paste from an old/legendary UG thread, you dicks.


    Awesome.  It sounded self-absorbed enough to be him, tho.



    C’mon faggots……Thingy has waaaaaay better spelling.



    ^^That tipped me off too! You’re better than that volds. But I was entertained for a minute.



    Its not volds, its punctuated.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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