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fun with title belts: UFC heavyweight edition!

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    now that everyone is once again both bitching and moaning (pissing?) about vitor belfort being undeserving of a title shot.  I thought i’d do a bunch of research that (yet again) you can all misinterpret and twist to fit your own foolish desires.


    since i am a numbers junkie i decided to get on the internetz and track down what the records of ALL title contenders (those challenging for a title, not the champ) heading into their championship fights (interim title fights count but not unification bouts) in the history of the UFC (since i already went about exposing Pride and Strikeforce’s bogus practices)


    I tracked their won-loss records in their last 5 fights, their last 10 fights (sometimes this had to be abbreviated when “certain” fighters *cough*BROCKLESNAR*cough* were fast tracked to a title shot) as well as what kind of streak they were riding heading in to said fight.  sorry if it’s hard to read, im too lazy to make it pretty with html


    Since this was a good sized project (6 hours of research) I split it up by weight classes so it’ll be easier to read (i bet i won’t even hold GFunks attention to the bottom of my intro) also before Yeah Right starts bitching, I decided that the feather and bantam weight divisions haven’t been around long enough to yield reliable results, ya dig?



    UFC Heavyweight Championship

    Mark Coleman 5-0 (5-0) W5

    Dan Severn 5-0 (9-1) W9

    Maurice Smith 2-3 (3-7) W1

    Tank Abbot 2-3 (5-5)  L2

    Randy Couture 3-0 (3-0) W3

    Bas Rutten 5-0 (9-0-1) W6

    Kevin Randleman 3-2 (7-2) W1

    Kevin Randleman 2-3 (7-3) L1

    Pete Williams 4-1 (8-2) W2

    Pedro Rizzo 5-0 (9-0) W9

    Randy Couture 3-2 (6-2) W2

    Pedro Rizzo 4-1 (9-1) W2

    Pedro Rizzo 3-2 (8-2) L1

    Josh Barnett 4-1 (9-1) W2

    Ricco Rodriguez 5-0 (10-0) W10

    Randy Couture 3-2 (6-4) L1

    Tim Sylvia 5-0 (10-0) W14

    Gan McGee 5-0 (9-1) W5

    Frank Mir 4-1 (7-1) W3

    Andrei Arlovski 3-2 (7-3) W3

    Tim Sylvia 4-1 (9-1) W1

    Justin Eilers 4-1 (7-2-1) L1

    Paul Buentello 5-0 (9-1) W6

    Tim Sylvia 4-1 (8-2) W3

    Andrei Arlovski 4-1 (7-3) L1

    Jeff Monson 5-0 (10-0) W16

    Randy Couture 2-3 (5-5) L1

    Gabriel Gonzaga 5-0 (8-1) W6

    Brock Lesnar 2-1 (2-1) W1

    Antonio Nogueira 4-1 (7-2, 1 NC) W2

    Tim Sylvia 4-1 (8-2) W1

    Frank Mir 3-2 (7-3) W2

    Shane Carwin 5-0 (10-0) W11

    Frank Mir 4-1 (7-3) W1

    average 3.82-1.03 (7.35-1.74)

    %79 %81



    thoughts: first off before you negative nancies (simco) come out of the wood work to tell me my math is fail, let me remind you (again) that not everyone had the requisite 5 or 10 fights to fill out of their respective category.  In those cases I just used as many fights as the fighter had and hoped for the best.

    also i discovered that quite a few guys were given title shots even though their record would seem undeserving (Particularly Maurice Smith, Tank Abbott and Randy Couture against Time Sylvia). It is times like these (as is the case with Vitor Belfort) that the UFC uses it’s executive decision making powers and sets up the best fight possible and as we all know Maurice Smith vs Mark Coleman, Tank Abbott vs Maurice Smith and Randy Couture vs Tim Sylvia were all ridiculously great fights.

    is this argument 100% applicable in this situation? well no because vitor belfort is 5-0 and (7-3) but the point is that sometimes the UFC bypasses the most deserving contender in order to put on the best fight (or the fight that the most people are interested in seeing)


    let the defamation begin




    clint can you edit this so it’s pretty again? or at least let me have a chance to make it readable again


    i cant edit it for shit



    the rows on my list were straight when i was making it, but as soon as i posted it they all ran over to the side and now its hard to read


    interesting to look at but sometimes fighter A is the only option when Fighters B,C,D are either injured or pissed off Dana



    it’s a conspiracy. you should do 6 more hours of research.



    Fuck everyone else. I want to see Belfort/Silva. It has been said and so it shall be written.

    I’m out.

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