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    Since I keep hearing people bitching about the quality of talent coming up through TUF getting progressive worse,  I thought i would take a look at how the fighters from each season fared in the UFC following their stints in the house.

    before you yell at me keep some things in mind: I only counted fights that occurred in the ufc after living in the TUF house; however if someone is currently employed by Zuffa in any capacity (read: WEC) then they are considered still in the ufc; fighters are considered still in the UFC if they are currently employed by Zuffa regardless of lapses in employment or fights with other companies in the interim; everything else should be self explanatory 

    numbas, all up in your nutS!!!

    Season 1

    W/L:  80 – 44

    winners W/L: 19 – 8

    contestants that got no ufc fights: 0

    contestants that are still in the ufc: 8


    Season 2

    W/L: 57 – 51 – 1

    winners W/L:  18 – 6 – 1

    no ufc fights: 0

    still in ufc: 3

    note: at 0 -4 Seth Petruzelli has the worst post-UFC record under the Zuffa banner. WHAT A FAGGOT!


    Season 3

    W/L: 35 – 32

    winner W/L: 17 – 8

    no ufc fights: 3

    still in ufc: 4


    Season 4

    W/L: 32 – 35

    winners W/L: 4 – 5

    no ufc fights: 1

    still in ufc: 3


    Season 5

    W/L: 39 – 23

    winners W/L: 8 – 3

    no ufc fights: 3

    still in ufc: 6


    Season 6

    W/L: 18 – 21

    winners W/L: 3 – 4

    no ufc fights: 1

    still in ufc: 2

    note: George Sotiropolous has the best post TUF UFC record at 7 – 0 


    Season 7

    W/L: 25 – 15

    winners W/L: 4 – 2

    no ufc fights: 7

    still in ufc: 5


    Season 8

    W/L: 25 – 24

    winners W/L: 8 – 2

    no ufc fights: 0

    still in ufc: 5

    note: Eliot Marshal went 3 – 1 in the UFC after tuf and was released following his only loss. (read: QUIT YOUR BITCHING ABOUT GERALD HARRIS YOU PUSSIES THERE WAS A PRECEDENT!!)


    Season 9

    W/L: 10 – 14

    winners W/L: 5 – 3

    no ufc fights: 8

    still in ufc: 3


    season 10

    W/L: 14 – 8

    winners W/L: 2 – 1

    no ufc fights: 7

    still in ufc: 5


    season 11

    W/L: 9 – 7

    winners W/L: 2 – 0

    no ufc fights: 4

    still in ufc: 7



    Observation that you won’t care about/read

    just to confirm what everyone already knew, the first season was the tits both drama wise and talent wise, basically the perfect storm of combat reality tv, the fact that more fighters from tuf 1 are still in the ufc than any other season speaks volume of the talent brought in 

    yup, season 6 really did suck that bad, without gsot to prop them up the rest of the house went 11 – 21 post tuf, fuggin pat thet ic

    the biggest indicator of how much talent resided in the house was how many of them weren’t allowed a shot in the big leagues after their stay.  after about the 5th season (not including season 8) the ufc brass got sick of the crap and started chucking the dead weight

    the show officially jumped the shark during season 9, its been all downhill since then


    disseminate, i don’t really know what im talking about anyhow



    Intresting read. TUF has evolved from a scouting tool, to a marketing tool in the last few years.

    What I like about TUF is even if you don’t win, you can use your time on the show to get you name out there. Guys like Josh Haynes, or Frank Lester can use the exposure to bring attention to themselves. This added attention spills over to local/regional shows getting more attention.





    Neat breakdown, man. It undeniably confirms what I secretly suspected all along: I don’t give a shit about TUF anymore.

    This would’ve been better in graphic format. Layered bars and whatnot probably would’ve made you eFamous and cyber-popular for showing people around the world how little feces they give about TUF.

    I know it comes off as an insult, but it’s actually really smart analysis of something I don’t care about past completion of reading it.

    Perhaps breakdown former Zuffa/Dreamstage post-championship records? How many got a belt by surprising someone once and then coasted into nothingness? Might draw heated discussion between Pride fanbois and humans.

    They can decide which order to execute you and Pewnt.

    But even Zuffa fanbois don’t care about TUF.


    P W

    If you feel like continuing, you can also check TUF alumni vs non-TUF alumni (also known as “real fighters”). I mean, it could be possible for a former TUF contestant to get all/most of his wins in the UFC facing other TUF guys from former seasons.



    ^ “i don’t care” would’ve sufficed


    G Funk

    Pewnt is rubbing off on GlassJawsh



    this i like.


    G Funk

    HA! I didn’t see that metaphor.



    When TUF started, good mixed martial artists were happy to fight for free for a month and a half for a shot at a job. Nowadays, the guys that should be on TUF are filling the Bellator/Strikeforce Challengers cards.



    Very nice write up. Thanks for contributing to my thirst for useless knowledge :)


    “i don’t care” would’ve sufficed

    That’s just it – I did care while I was reading your breakdown. It was fucking smart and broke shit down well. I just felt bad it was about TUF ’cause as soon as I finished it and was all set to reply I realized I didn’t care anymore about the content as much as I liked your execution.

    When have I avoided saying something truly negative to your worthless hick-ass before? Never. See? I care.


    thanks for the breakdown Glassjawsh

    pretty damn informative



    Thanks for taking the time. Should do this for post Pride fighters :p



    ^ on it

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