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    so i switched to a new department at the library (got a spiffy 11 cent raise) and there was literally nothing to do today. so ive spent the last 4 hours combing through all ppv numbers.


    the way this works is if your name is on the poster, you are one of the headliners (except for stupid events like ufc 78 where zuffa just slapped every fighter with any kind of name value what-so-ever on the poster).  IF a fighter is in the co-main but not on the poster they were not counted because the UFC obviously didn’t give a shit enough about them to try and use their name to draw PPV buys.  a fighter (or their name) had to be on at least 5 posters since the beginning of the TUF era (UFC 52) to be included on the list. Obviously, Fight Nights, TUF Finales, UFC Lives and Numbers events on Spike did not count.




    or don’t you bitches


    as always any questions, concerns or complaints about my useless research should be directed here




    Brock Lesnar: 6 Events 1,007,500 PPV Avg

    Frank Mir: 7 Events 755,714 PPV Avg

    Georges St. Pierre: 13 Events 692,692 PPV Avg

    Michael Bisping: 5 Events 606,000 PPV Avg

    Rampage Jackson: 8 Events 605,000 PPV Avg

    Tito Ortiz: 9 Events 579,444 PPV Avg

    Rashad Evans: 8 Events 575,000 PPV Avg

    Chuck Liddell: 11 Events 535,000 PPV Avg

    Wanderlei Silva: 6 Events 533,333 PPV Avg

    Tim Sylvia (wtf?!): 6 Events 526,500 PPV Avg

    Lyota Machida (seriously??): 5 Events 526,000 PPV Avg

    Big Nog: 5 Events 515,000 PPV Avg

    BJ Penn: 11 Events 510,909 PPV Avg

    Forrest Griffin: 11 Events 501,364 PPV Avg

    Anderson Silva: 11 Events 488.636 PPV Avg

    Matt Hughes: 12 Events 477,833 PPV Avg

    Randy Couture: 9 Events 463,778 PPV Avg

    Shogun Rua: 7 Events 462,857 PPV Avg

    Rich Franklin: 13 Events 369, 923 PPV Avg



    Thoughts: Odd to me that Matt Hughes has sold more PPVs than Randy Couture

    Rich Franklin is murder to a PPV card (but you already knew that)

    still baffled by the Tim Sylvia and Lyoto Machida numbers especially when you consider that neither of them have ever been involved in a 1million+ selling card


    what do you guys think?


    G Funk

    I blew one of the largest loads that has ever come out of my kick-stand today. I think twas the lack of sensual massage and the addition to new vitamins this week.

    what do you guys think?



    goddamnit g…lost control of the thread on the first comment



    G, did it taste different??


    Gizz, Did you have one in the stink?

    Counting non-main eventers like Bisping?  C’MON



    I don’t think you can say that one guy “outsells” another based on this, because there’s always at least 2 guys on each poster, so it’s impossible to separate out how many PPV’s each guy sold.  And do people really buy PPV’s on the basis of only one fighter to begin with?  You’d think a card with multiple big names/fights on it would sell more, so no one’s buying it because of any one guy or even one fight.  Except for Lesnar, I guess.




    Still love ya, Jawshy. But as the Libyan prez pointed out…’s totes flawed.



    the point being that those fighters are on those big cards in the first place because dw knows they will sell.



    actually wouldn’t mind pewnts perspective on this



    I wanna know volds’ perspective on g’s jizz. Ok not really. Weird that Rashad did so much better than Dick Franklin. Everybody likes Dick, and nobody really seems to like Rashad that much. Maybe it’s just that Rashad is frequently opposite someone who is a bigger draw.

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