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fun with numbers: fall of Pride edition!

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    yup, im at this bullshit again, on the suggestion of leti I went ahead and checked on how Pride “veterans” did post fall of Pride.

    FYI: I consider anyone with 3 fights or a veteran of pride (with 2 exceptions, Gil Melendez and Sokodjou both of whom only had 2 fights but i always seem to associate both of those guys with Pride FC)

    the one caveat was that i only counted fighters who had fought in pride sometime after Shockwave 2004 (December 31, 2004) It kinda seemed to silly to count Mark Kerr or Nobuhiko Takada since they haven’t been relevant in 10 years.

    anyhow for the purpose of this “study” I only counted fights post April 2007 that occurred in one of the various “major” fight orginizations so sorry no deep, shooto, impact fc, shark/shine fights

    orgs included in the tabulation were: UFC, Strikeforce, DREAM, Sengoku, Hero’s, Affliction, EliteXC, Yarrenoka!, WEC and Bellator

    if you have any problems with my methodology i’ll just direct you to my complaints department:

    so yeah drumroll n’ shit





    this is of course not relevant at all right now but it’s interesting because of how much people (Derek) have absolutely shit on the talent that came out of pride when honestly they haven’t done that bad at all (not great but not bad)

    and just so subo will shut the fuck up, I’m going to beat him to it and say that Pride vets have gone 54 – 54 in the UFC (or exactly the same as all other fighters who have ever fought in the UFC have gone) funny how that works

    now get to calling me a boring shithead!



    I was hoping for some names on this one :(



    me too. I feel short changed.



    sigh……fine…….but just the Zuffa fights (i should’ve said Zuffa instead of UFC in my pre-emptive strike to Derek, I counted WEC too)

    Cro Cop: 3 – 3
    Ryo Chonnan: 1 – 3
    Anderson Silva: 12 – 0
    Dan Henderson: 3 – 2
    Jens Pulver: 1 – 7
    Takanori Gomi: 1 – 1
    Mark Hunt: 0 – 1
    Wanderlei Siva: 2 – 3
    Fabricio Werdum: 2 – 2
    Shogun Rua: 3 – 2
    Kazuhiro Nakamura: 0 – 2
    Lil Nog: 2 – 1
    Rampage Jackson: 6 – 2
    Mark Coleman: 1 – 2
    Dennis Kang: 1 – 2
    Paulo Filho: 2 – 1
    Dean Lister: 4 – 2
    Gilbert Yvel: 0 – 3
    Marcus Aurelio: 2 – 4
    Vitor Belfort: 1 – 0
    Yoshiro Maeda: 1 – 2
    Yves Edwards: 1 – 0
    Dokonjonosuke Mishima: 0 – 2
    Akihiro Gono: 1 – 2
    Phil Baroni: 0 – 2
    Big Nog: 3 – 2
    Sokoudjo: 1 – 2

    there ya go




    Are you really counting Pulver??

    Also, Andy is totally bringing up the curve!!



    then they essentially cancel each other out

    throw out the high and the low and you still have 41 – 47



    How did Fedor do in the UFC? Oh, that’s right.

    Poor Jens Pulver. There are only a half dozen guys on that list over .500.



    subo is a fag. two current UFC champs are from Pride and his boy toy Brock would get KTFO is less than a minute by Fedor


    No he wouldn’t – Fedor wouldn’t sign to fight Brock without impregnating one of Dana’s children and co-promoting the birth.


    too much risk, not enough rubles for fedor vs brock

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