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    Im fuckin hungry. One thing i miss about highschool (besides being able to bang high school girls) is our student run cafe/grill whatever the fuck you wanted to call it. The food was surprisingly good. My favorite item was a Mish Mash omelette, what is in a mish mash omelette you ask? Well ill tell you:

    3 Eggs




    seasoned potatoes 

    grilled onions

    grilled jalepenos(i would add them)

    and some chopped green onions, for a little touch of class. 

    On top of this monstrosity would go a slice or two of only the finest american cheese(kraft) and some sausage country gravy that was made daily. God damn was it good!

    Another one of my favorites would be a Breakfast Burger. The breakfast burger was just a basic burger, but it came with a fried egg and three pieces of bacon and a side of seasoned potatoes, of course i would put the gravy on the potatoes. mmm heart attact…


    What do you bitches like to cook when you feel like not being a bitch and pretending like calories dont exist?



    You know what I haven’t had in a while….wings, deep fried fucking pierogis and cheese cake…and don’t forget the beer. It’s been a long time since I’ve over indulged.

    In high school there was this thing called a meat roll. It looked like a giant cinnamon roll, but it was filled with ground seasoned beef. They loaded it with gravy…..fuck it was good. I ate it on a dare in like 9th grade……then everyone got hooked. It was truly a marvel of lunchroom cuisine.


    You boys certainly went to … special high schools.



    Fat fuxx


    im eating a salad


    Did you hear that? Reverend Clint said he’s gay!



    chili cheese fries with a heaping amount of pastrami slammed on top at Fantastic’s in Long Beach California….



    ^ 3 to 1 odds there’s moobs on this one



    You’re getting turned on aren’t you Jawshy.

    No moobs on this motherfucker.



    If I didn’t care about looking like the rest of you…..I’d probably go for some Checkers fries, baby back ribs or New England Clam Chowder. Oh…..add a chicken pot pie & a gigantic plate of chicken wings. Bacon cheeseburger would be my heart attack of choice if cooking @ home. I eat that maybe once or twice a year.



    I was in Charleston SC and I had biscuits with a sausage gravy. I had to chase it with beer to get my hart started again.



    swedish fish. sour patch kids.


    G Funk

    I don’t cook chit but breakfast and grillen or roast a fat pig in my caja-china mein. My favorite food as of late is this pot roast that my wife has been making with a shroom sauce and loaded with fat chunks of onions, carrots, brussle sprouts, cauliflower and brocolli. She makes it in the slow-cooker and its da chit!



    Yeah….she always brings me leftovers. Good stuff.


    G Funk

    Ha! just make sure she washes up before she returns or we gon ha son prawlens feelme?

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 76 total)

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