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Finkelstein is at it again.

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    “Terms of the tournament are determined, the grid is painted. Although, if Fedor will be in the semi-finals, I plan to insist on a thorough verification of the opponent on drugs. You know, I experienced a lot of problems when there was a struggle with Josh Barnett, and do not want this situation again. I then had a lot of money to lose on advertising and a big problem with television. I want this time for everyone to know and be aware of the facts that they will test it very seriously.”


    Is this the start of the next round of “How can I fuck with your promotion to get what I want” ??

    Shouldn’t this have been included with “Terms of the tournament are determined” ? I hate this guy more, and more every year.

    Source: – Russian – Google translated



    More From the same press conference, including this gem.

    “Fedor has an exit clause in his contract if he gets into a losing streak.”

    LMAO!!!!! I’m getting beat up, and want to fight cans again clause.


    This was my only worry for the tourney. Not the title, or number of rounds – Fedor actually keeping his commitments. This is why I have gone from proponent of his skills, to detesting him.



    Someone needs to get Scott Coker to the nearest women’s shelter, cause this is an abusive relationship.


    G Funk

    Google translate is total chit! Omo tried to translate some chit into spanish once and it interestingly enough twisted his words to make him sound like a racist! And that was spanish! Can only imagine what it’ll do to the russian language.

    Google translate was made by the white man to keep folks of color (& eastern europeans) down man! We all know eastern europe is the whiteman’s Africa! the dredges of the Anglo world!



    God damn it Fink just die already. Hopefully Fedor snaps one day and Fink is the first guy he sees. If these shenanigans continue at every step in this tourney it will be a joke. And M-1 is the joke.



    (in the voice of superintendent chalmers)


    Exit clause? Don’t be scared homie!!!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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