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Finkelstein gets the Fedor bandwagon stuck in 2005

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    So Randleman is a “interesting and competitive fighter” to take on Fedor.

    Since they last fought Randleman’s has gone on an amazing 2-8, and is currently riding a four fight losing streak.

    So I ask you all:

    Who are these guys that fit “the opponent is one of the great fighters from Pride’s best times” description?

    Mirko – Under Zuffa.
    Igor Vovchanchyn – Moved to 205lbs, and has retired due to injuries.
    Barnett – Zuffa
    Coleman – Has not fought in over a year. 4-6 in last ten.
    Big Nog – Zuffa

    So it’s looks like it’s back to full time can fighting. I wonder if Zuluzinho is up for a rematch.



    “But one thing is clear: something needs to be changed.”

    He should start with his management.


    They should offer Herring a Ferrari.

    PS – I know he’s with Zuffa.



    ^^I thought he was released, or asked for one.



    last thing I remember reading about Herring is he was going to focus on movies due to $$.

    I think Herring would be a great choice for Fedor’s next fight. He’s been off the shelf for awhile, but is a legit journey man fighter.


    He asked, but Dana was like “I own your hick ass!  Wash my Ferraris, biatch!”

    I like that Fedor lost to a middleweight, so now he’s gonna pick on a welterweight.


    Very interesting:

    For example, when Fedor follows religious fasts, during his fight preparation, his body does not get vital nutrients. To compensate, there are many legal supplements. But Fedor completely refuses to take any of this. As a result, what happens is that, when the fight starts, his body is not in its best shape, unlike for instance, say Henderson, with him, all is good, for the simple reason, that he takes afformentioned supplements.



    I was thinking bullshit excuse at first until I looked at this. (wikipedia, so take as pure fact at own risk, but good enough for this post)

    He spends a shit load of time fasting if he follows all the rules. What Fedor needs to do is dump this Eastern Orthodox bullshit, and get with The Catholic’s. Those guys have a history of bending the rules for people with the right influence, or enough money.



    Then he should pick a good fasting session and end up at 205. We will see if God’s will is strong enough to make that happen.



    Gross reports that Mike Whitehead and Travis Wuiff are “in the mix” for Fedor’s next fight. It’s win or go home if that’s the case.



    JUST BOOK REEM VS FEDOR already. Knowing what M1 does, they will put Overeems brother against Fedor.



    Mike Whitehead may not be able to leave the country. He still has sexual assault charges pending, and may face more charges due to a grow op they found on his property.

    Travis Wuiff may not be who we want to see Fedor fight, but it is as good/better than Apostolov, Schall, Yanagisawa, Hasdell, Haseman, Valavicius, Nagata, Ogawa, Kohsaka, Martins, Hunt, Lindland, or Choi.

    Yes I am saying that almost half of Fedor’s opponents have be cans, or inflated middleweights/LHW’s. Say it with me kids. BOXING RECORD!



    ^ mark hunt would beat travis wuiff

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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