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    Goddamnit you bastards. I’ll try to get in on it next weekend (someone remind me with a link).

    Clint – We picked the low hanging fruit in Iraq. North Korea actually has the shit.


    yeah but i bet they dont work for shit like a lotta cheap asian crap



    replace cheap with “expensive” and asian with “american” and that’s a more accurate statement


    im talking the cheap mercury/lead laden shit from china… not high end stuff like samsung. but you are right American stuff blows, especially cars.



    So it seems quite a few people on here have ps3’s just seeing if anyone has/ wants to play some Dead Nation?

    Its really dope, lots of zombie killing, sort of like an over the head perspective Left for Dead, and its only 15 bucks in the online store.

    Here is a review if you haven’t seen it yet:




    if the nation is dead then what’s left to play?



    im chim55 on xbox live if anyone wants to add me, and we can play some games.

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Viewing 7 posts - 61 through 67 (of 67 total)

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