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    Anyone wanna set up a night where we all play some video games together? I’m banned from xbox live but have a PS3. It’d be pretty badass to put together a squad in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 or something.



    Sold – new MoH coming out soon. Pretty soon I’ll be ass deep in the new Fallout


    Why are you banned from Xbox Live?



    with all the porn on the internet its hard for me to find time to play video games


    modded it and they nuked me for it



    Make a new account ???



    My PS name (not that anyone asked) is Subowins



    ^they usually ban the xbox not just the account

    Ryan what’s your psn? I already have Jake’s, mine is the same as my FL name if anyone wants to add it, just make sure you put your FL name in the friend message as I don’t add random peoples.


    mine is FIGHTLINKER666. Jake’s already got you on his list but i’ll add you too (and you subo!). You guys got Bad Company 2 by chance?



    I don’t have Bad Company 2, but I’m picking up Medal of Honor next week so I could pick of BC2 when I swing by EA, or if you are getting MOH we could just do that.



    FIGHTLINKER666: The online ID you have entered has not been registered


    Hmm i created the account today … maybe i need to sign in with it before it works properly.

    not sure if we’re gonna get it on PS3 since we can def get it on the xbox but if it’s awesome i’ll get a copy on there so we can play it up



    Ryan–>let me get this straight…..the site almost collapsed due to your recent economic situation. On top of that, the stress of it all atrophied the funny, insightful side of your writing that built up your Jackalian empire. You narrowly escaped total financial failure just a few weeks ago. BUT NOW YOU ARE SCOOPING UP ALL THE LATEST VIDEO GAMES FOR MULTIPLE FUCKING PLATFORMS??????

    God damn Peter Pan…..


    G Funk

    ^ lol, funny cause it’s true…or is it????



    I’m going to pick up the new Fallout at midnight. I’ve actually never done that for a game before. But, it’s my last day for blazing (I know I said it was yesterday but shut the fuck up), so I’m ordering pizza and having myself a time.

    Can’t play it online so it doesn’t really pertain here. Just felt like sharing.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 67 total)

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