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    You might have noticed jake and I added our gamertags to the sidebar since we’re back on Xbox live now. We’re slowly getting into playing online more, and wanna get back into playing with the jackals … it was a lot of fun the last time right up until our xboxes got banned and accounts got nuked. So add us!



    We play a lot of Gears 2, Battlefield, and COD: WaW. Soon gonna start doing some D&D Daggerdale too.

    Today, we’re gonna be playing Battlefield 1943 at 4pm EST, if anyone wants to join the squad feel free!


    ill get in there today.



    i don’t have any of those games.


    What games you got? I’m open to try others



    undisputed and madden. i haven’t played my xbox in 5 months. i suck terribly anyway.



    hey man i’ll be close up near canada in a couple of months i’m going to love rape you


    im not gonna be there… while you love rape him


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    just got a new arcade stick, so if you want to get down on some marvel vs capcom 3, super street fighter 4, tekken 6, virtua fighter 5 or street fighter 4 I’m down for a match or two.


    People with those crazy giant arcade things scare me 😉


    battlefield was fun but the 4 person squad sucked. WAW might be a good idea since you can get it for pretty cheap these days



    I’m legendarily bad at FPS games, but I like me some racing.  Gamertag nem0Lights0ut.  I never play online, though, so fucked if I know how this works.



    angryj is angry…..havent been on in a month though


    Just bought WaW + a new headset but I got the FRENCH VERSION OF THE GAME. Fucking fuck fuck. Things that happen when you live in Quebec.


    Doesn’t it have to be in French and English?


    we used to get things part in french at target all the time… usually half english. looks like im gonna have to get WAW again.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 33 total)

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