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Fight for Japan: Genki Desu Ka!!!Omisoka fight card and poster

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    apperently this was hard to do… who knew

    since this site is a penis mouthed cock and a fuck, it won’t let me embed the image of the poster for the DREAM NYE event (that is totally happening wink wink) i swiped from nightmare of battle (even after i uploaded it to tinypic) so here’s a link to it you won’t click on.



    the name mean’s HOW ARE YOU!!! in japanglish


    anyway here’s the official fight card that none of you care about (even though it starts like right after the Lesnar Overeem fight and is totes free on HDNet)

    So far it’s

    Official fight card

    Bantamweight Tournament


    crap i noticed:

    there is a rumor that Fedor is going to fight Satoshi Ishii which would be a Gegard Mousashi v Hiroshi Izumi level epic beatdown (read: awesome)

    the dude who made Shinya Aoki look like an asshole last NYE (the one not named Shinya Aoki) is supposed to be fighting in a kickboxing match. apparently he’s not just a cross dresser weirdo and is kind of a big deal in the K-1 world (can i even call it that anymore?)

    Jerome Lebanner and Peter Aerts look to be involved

    I guess that FEG (the parent company to K-1) isn’t even involved in this and big chin/crazy pants antonio inoki and his Inoki Genome Federation are taking up the slack (which means we might have some goofy japanese pro wrestling involved)

    no clue why Kawajiri isn’t fighting Takaya for the FW title. dude looked like a beast against Hansen in his FW debut and Lion Takeshi has never beaten anyone with a pulse in his entire career 

    a bibiano fernandes v Masakazu Imanari BWGP Final would be sick as fuck

    Aoki is fighting his teamate kitaoka for the LW strap.  word is he chose kitaoka from a list of possible opponent because he was the only one he thought was a challenge. didn’t care at all that he’s his traing partner. that’s a pretty fuckin budō thing to do if you ask me.


    do you guys even care about this shit?

    at least let there be a chat…… 


    um click the tiny picture that says “insert/edit image”… its right next to the quote button



    ^ the site has been rotating between not letting me embed pictures and not letting me embed videos. thanks though, asshole.


    click disable/enable rich text. i have that problem when im on a mobile devise sometimes but not on my pc



    Nobody cares Jawsh. Maybe it’s cuz there’s more to do everywhere else but Indiana……..

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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