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FEG death rumors have begun

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    We have all heard of the money troubles FEG has been having, so I figure we may as well start collecting the death notices.

    If (when) FEG does die I hope they release their fighters before hand, and don’t try to sell their contracts with the library(ex Pride) in order to make some quick cash. Give the fighters a chance to negotiate for a good contract if they are not happy with their current pay scale.

    I hope that someone with brains buys the K-1 portion of FEG, and keeps it alive.



    No shit they aren’t paying them anyway so it would be nice if they let them get paid somewhere else. It’s sad to see the Japanese scene so fragile. Or corrupt whatever the case may be.


    So much for the most recent investor rumors.


    no one wants to invest in a piece of shit like that. I hope K-1 lives on but the MMA side is shit


    It’s just a bad business model. MMA isn’t going to go away.



    Reem.Hadouken ^

    It could be a bad business model, or it could be idiots running the company. I tend to lean towards the latter. Look at the lack of new talent coming out of Japan. They have to put the same ole Pride fighters to get any coverage, and fail to develop new talent.

    Same thing with K-1.

    Zuffa will keep mma alive.

    FEG dying will kill K-1, and pro kick boxing on a global level (some countries [Holland] have strong Kick Boxing circles, BUT limited GLOBAL appeal).


    I personally blame most of it on their bullshit scheduling and booking.


    G Funk

    And the Japs! I blame the Japs…


    Hey! You leave the Japs alone. Sure, they kill whales and dolphins and have weird fetishes, but they give us ANIME!!! AND J-POP!!!



    stick to technology.



    @ butters – what are two things that will lead to a lifetime of friction burns and hopeless virginity? (hint: you already answered it)


    The last good Anime we got was what? Memories?

    “You have warrior spirit, right? Real warrior ready to fight anytime – anywhere! You fight on 2 week notice? Yes? Yes!”

    Aww damn, Japan can’t make any new stars or develop any booking momentum for some reason.


    G Funk

    It’s sad that you know that much bout anime DJ.


    DJ, it depends what you’re into. If you like horror, then High School of The Dead is really good. If you want action, then Gurren Laggan is pretty cool too.

    Stop hating you round eye jews!!



    Butters–>please never talk about Bubble Gum Crisis or Cowboy Bebop round here, mmkay?

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 40 total)

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