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Fedor off roids can be subbed by all BJJ

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    Think about it, the guy gets caught in the basic triangle with no deception or setup or combination whatsover, just replaced guard and locked it on from underneath side control.

    Fedor was smart to hold out on big fights, I think he new detoxed and with the real rules it was a matter of time before his BJJ brown belt level sub skills got exposed.

    You can’t force your way out of subs unless you are roided up, probably most BJJ blackbelts and 90% of world champs can sub Fedor now at his size in MMA.

    You need a lot of technique that Fedor doesn’t have to fight at that age.


    You win dumbass of the day award.

    with all the idiots on the internet that’s saying something.



    im not sure if him being off roids is what caused him to get subbed but being that he is russian i can see him being a former user


    Aren’t you the same guy that breaks in dudes’ asses?



    thingvolds may be a bot. to be ignored regardless.


    he is anti roid but pro homosexual sex



    yeah he is definitely a homosexual and I would guess he is a bottom.

    a word of advice to thingvolds, it is difficult to troll a site as cynical as FL, as it has generally sarcastic and even a few intelligent users, (obviously not subo) but if you must, at least try and emulate your betters such as Take it Easy



    Did i stumble onto sherdog somehow? Wtf is this place turning into!



    the guy that started this thread also started this one:


    Lol, as if lack of strength was the reason Fedor got subbed. The reason he got subbed was because Werdum is better than him on the ground and took advantage of it. World class BJJ (or even Werdum’s BJJ) > Fedor.


    He got subbed because he hasn’t been training his ground game in years.

    He’s been KO’ing guys with shitty ground games since… 2006?

    So yeah, the training wasn’t there and he slipped up mentally.

    He turned into the cage and had nowhere to go.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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