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    I have to say Mirko Cro Cop, not because he was the best at MMA but he was the best at highlight reel KO’s





    You sound like a TUF newb.



    ^ i am a tuf noob, MMA snob


    I can see that, but I still have to say Shonuff.


    what is the problem with being a TUF noob? I have gone back and watched every Pride and every UFC… is that noobish?



    My favorite fighter of all time was the last pseudo rape vid victim I watched. She fights so valiantly……but in the end……always gets raped.


    I’ve always liked Sakuraba and he is one hell of a come from behind type of guy but he isnt one of my favorites. Maybe not so much his fault as much as Pride and Dream who make him fight in obviously retarded match ups. He is not a real professional fighter…. more of a side show fighter.

    He has tons of heart though which is very admirable.

    I have always liked fighters I can relate to or who seem like someone who is a good guy



    ^ You can’t say that if you weren’t around. You had to be there. Once in a lifetime. You’re seeing him in retrospect. The whole ‘half-dead but still could win’ thing didn’t start until the Smirnovas fight in ’06. You’re basing him off now instead of his prime. You wouldn’t base your opinion of Brian de Palma off of shit like “Femme Fatale”, would you? Hell no; you go by “Scarface”, or “The Untouchables”.


    they say you are only as good as your last work


    Obviously its Alexander Otsuka!!



    Dude was robbed against Anderson Silva.


    Saku was pretty amazing back in the day, but the ‘ass kicking’ thing has been going on since the Wand fights in 2001


    Saku has some of the most amazing grappling i have ever seen… grappling wise he is my favorite fighter.



    Well the ass-kickings since 2001, yeah, but not the comeback part of it.



    i like who you all hate: Rashad, BJ and tito are my top 3

    as far as entertainment value it’s always wandy and saku, when they are in the cage/ring (not just when they are fighting each other) the chances for something epic to happen just got a whole lot better

    forrest is probably my favorite outside of the cage

    oh and chris lytle cause he’s a dumb indiana hilljack like me

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 41 total)

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