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Even Michael Moore Now Knows The Truth About Obama

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    michael moore is now calling out obama as a wall street shill? but that can’t be. only “conspiritards” believe that! fuck michael moore, racist piece of shit! FOUR MORE YEARS! FOUR MORE YEARS!

    Michael Moore: Big Problem ‘If Wall Street Already Has Their Man And His Name Is Barack Obama’ (VIDEO)

    Michael Moore gave a dark warning to Piers Morgan on Wednesday night, when the documentary filmmaker and advocate appeared on his CNN show.

    Moore and Morgan were discussing the remaining seven GOP candidates, who Moore described as “a crazy bunch.” Moore said that at this point in the election, he thought that Wall Street and corporate American would have “paid” and “come up with” a candidate who represented their interests and was able to “pull independents and Democrats and beat Obama.”

    When Morgan asked if there was a theory to explain why, according to Moore, no such candidate has emerged, Moore referred to a Washington Post article that reported Obama had received more campaign contributions from the financial and banking industry than any other candidate at that time.

    Morgan interjected after Moore’s description of the Washington Post article and said that it seemed as though Wall Street had found its candidate. Moore warned that if it were true that “Wall Street already has their man and his name is Barack Obama, we’ve got a much bigger problem.” Moore then wondered why Obama would accept campaign funds from Wall Street and worried about what those campaign funders might expect from the President if he were elected to a second term.


    lol someone put the fightlinker obamabots on suicide watch before this site loses so much traffic ryan can’t give the fuckin thing away



    Dumb. Our whole corrupt political system is set up this way. That’s why I don’t vote. I’m fine staying plugged into the matrix & being fed the liquified remains of the dead.



    frick you are correct and i don’t blame you for not voting. my issue was with people being led to believe obama was somehow different, and guys like bruce springsteen, bono, michael moore being complicit in selling that lie to our nation, especially young voters.

    at least michael moore has the dignity to come out and question what he thought he believed.



    You can ask my wife how I freaked out when my daughter sang some bullshit school song about being a proud ‘murrican cuz we’re so free & better than everyone else.

    I’ve been trying to better educate myself about the history of the world & I’ve finally changed my mind: we are inherently evil.



    @ volds – there is a HUGE swath of young americans that feel like they were lied to for buying into that guys rhetoric. especially in indiana where because of a huge uptick in young votes the democrats won the state for the first time since the goddamn Roosevelt administration.

    this is why things like the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street exist. people are fucking sick of everything. not just the left or the right, but the whole bullshit system.

    I still hate you though



    @ frick – most history majors graduate hating america and there’s a (good) reason for that


    I guess I’m lucky in that I was raised to see you horrible worthless primate scum for what you are.

    Did not make me popular though.  I never should have addressed my third-grade teacher as “Cheese-Teeth, the bad-dye-job-having ape who wasted our time learning cursive.”



    G Funk

    Computer voices turn me off.



    I thought the second link said beliebers, but it didnt so i didnt click on it. Bieber was in mexico a couple days just to so yoy know. Hes unbeliebabley hawt



    this lady showed some courage and dignity

    michael moore has showed some courage and dignity here

    will anyone on this list of useful idiots do the same soon?

    it takes a lot to admit that you were not only wrong, but that you got played

    the best lessons i have ever learned came from me being wrong about something i thought i knew (believe it or not, it has happened)

    former obama supporters, come to the light

    it is not about my team vs your team, as shown in madmans links

    dem and rep are just two sides of the same worthless wooden nickel

    the truth is what you should seek, not what you want to be true because it suits your ideals

    walk into the woods until you can no longer see any advertisements, hear any traffic or smell any smog

    drink a 40

    smoke a blunt

    listen to some beethoven

    ponder what real truth is as opposed to what you want to be true or what society has accepted is “true”

    you will have an epiphany

    you will ascend to a higher plane of consciousness

    you will become a god among men

    you will become cockstrong



    ^^HAHA!! Totes sucked me in @ the end.


    G Funk




    That’s what cock push-ups are for.

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