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Did Obama Just Start WWIII??

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    Well it looks like Nobel Peace Prize winner Obama has committed us (at the behest of Israel, no doubt) to yet ANOTHER war in the middle east, promising along with England and France today to attack Syria within the next two weeks. Russia (who has a major military base to protect in Syria) and China (who is an ally of both Syria and Russia) certainly won’t take kind to us starting another war under the same old “chemical weapons” false pretense. If they respond with aggression (as they should), shit could be on and poppin’.

    Knowing that this site is a haven for dupes suckers rubes “Hope and Change” types, I’m curious to hear what your opinion is of the Obama Admin’s latest “humanitarian effort” (illegal act of aggression on a sovereign state). When Assad’s lifeless body and the lifeless bodies of countless Syrian Christians and Syrian Shia are being dragged through the streets by CIA and Mossad trained Wahabi mercenaries, will you finally be able to admit you’ve been a fool all along? Or will you still accuse the conspirealists of being tin foil hatted doom and gloomers?

    Enjoy your servitude, slaves.



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    Mangina. Nothing surprises me anymore in this fucked up world.



    Bomb Walmart.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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