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    When was Daniel Cormier ever impressive? Dood always looks gassed and never really does much of anything.

    Most overrated fighter right now?



    He looked decent against Monson, but one thing is certain:  he sure as fuck ain’t a legit heavyweight.  Dude’s 5′-11″ and 240lbs, and his physique is downright Fedor-esque.


    I’d go with GSP as most overrated, but Cormier’s hips are incredibly skilled.  At least that’s what my girl said.

    As far as his build, I’ve been thinking he’s at HW to build up his skills in striking and subs while getting experience against slower cats and then he’ll diet to Light-heavy once he makes it to Zuffa.

    His gas tank might be weak, but he’s also not very creative at this point.  He should’ve put Monson to bed IMO.



    I think he’s just hyped cuz he trained with Cain and has that UFC wrestling stink on him.


    I think it’s also that he’s supposedly a higher-level wrestler than Cain and Mo.

    I think this Bigfoot match will tell us quite a bit about him.  Silva’s a better positional grappler than Monson (who largley relies on muscle and catch-style pressure IMO) and will land on Cormier with big hands.  I think it’ll be a good fight.



    Look at him now! Didn’t see that coming. Bigfoot looked like shit but DC put it to him. He annoyed me playing around kicking BF when he was down sucking wind milking the clock though.



    Damn this motherfucker Kverterler doesn’t look good in hindsight…..

    Cormier crushed Bigfoot. Bigfoot crushed Fedor. Oh Em Gee…….Cormier is the GREATEST HEAVYWEIGHT ON THE PLANET!!



    im impressed. curious to see how much he can learn and accomplish at his age.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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