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    Assuming this fight happens, give me your breakdown you fucking ass pirates.

    Round 1:

    Diaz comes out swinging, as usual. GSP counters with some good shots here and there, but doesn’t mount a standing attack. Diaz presses the action and is much more aggressive. GSP, around the half-way point in the round, gets Diaz on his back. GSP does no damage, and the round ends actually going to Diaz.

    Round One to Diaz, through connecting on strikes

    Round 2:

    GSP comes out and tries to put Diaz on his back right at the onset. He gets a few takedowns, but never does any damage or comes close to a submission. The scant few moments that things are on their feet, Diaz throws a few hard shots, but GSP never gets tagged. The round ends on the ground, and GSP feels he is in his gameplan now. AKA, dry hump his way to victory.

    Round Two to GSP, through takedowns and top control

    Round 3:

    Diaz has had enough of this shit. He comes out swinging, and is wary of the takedowns. He might even catch GSP with a knee or kick when the Canadian tries for a takedown. GSP hasn’t had an opponent be this aggressive this far in to a fight, and he backs off. He’s thrown off his game plan now.

    Round Three is a tossup. No real damage done by Diaz, no real control from GSP

    Round 4:

    GSP’s corner is telling him in smooth french-canadian to cut that motherfuckers legs out from under him, so BON TEMPS! He comes out and goes for a quick takedown, and gets it. Diaz scrambles, alsmot gets caught in a submission, and gets to his feet. His contact buzz from the ride to the arena is worn off by now, which means he’s pissed AND thinking clearly. It’s a potent combo, and the punches become laser guided anger bombs. GSP gets rocked a few times and the round ends on its’ feet.

    Round Four to Diaz, with GSP actually showing some damage on his face

    Round 5:

    We’re in the deep water now, you bitches. GSP knows his gameplan hasn’t been implemented, and he is taking damage for the first time in a long time. He comes out desperate to finish the fight, because he knows this isn’t one to leave in the judges’ hands (like your moms tits). He tries to finish the only way he knows how: throw a few punches to get Diaz thinking they are going to bang, then try for a takedown and get the submission. Unfortunately for our Canadian friend, Diaz has cardio, and he’s coming out there with the kitchen sink. GSP gets blasted a few times while he angles for a takedown, and he finally gets one. He can’t do much damage, but he stays on top for the rest of the round.

    Round Five, tossup. Diaz did damage, but GSP had top control, which the fucking judges love for some reason

    Let’s go to the judges scorecards:

    Fucking draw.

    Stay tuned for GSP/Diaz II: Electric Boogaloo






    That’s way too detailed for me.

    GSP via unanimous humping after a little scare and some 209 punking.



    What the fuck you guys. I had some funny shit up in there, too. Mommy tit-grabs, comments on bong usage….. shit.


    Nice write-up, but I feel it’s tactically flawed.  You ignore the super jabbertronic dance moves of GSP?  He doesn’t stand in the pocket like BJ and all of Diaz’ recent opponents tend to.

    Plus, Bong jokes?  Is this BE?

    The hotbox was funny though.



    my guess would be gsp attempts to salvage his reputation a bit by staying on the feet and trading the occasional shot with nick. mostly picking his shots, ones, one twos, and some low kicks while nick stalks him. eventually gsp gets the takedown in the early rounds without too much trouble, but is unable to do much on the ground other than pass to halfguard and land peppering shots. they are stood up at this point, much to the delight of the crowd. the standups serve to embolden nick, and frustrate gsp. nick begins to land more frequently, scoring points and stinging gsp. gsp now abandons his plan to prove something by standing with nick, and resorts to more frequent takedown attempts and possibly wall stalling. the takedowns will become much harder to finish as the fight wears on, and nick starts to land at a high percentage. this continues for 5 rounds. split decision, nick diaz. would not be surprised if it wen the other way either. i’m looking forward to it. i’m actually a little nervous.



    Voldilocks–>I’m pretty sure you lost all credibility to discuss GSP after your Shields prediction.



    frick, i stand by those statements!


    frick, i stand by those statements!

    So you’re soaking in urine under a dumpster?

    And did you suggest GSP will get tired of taking someone down?  Holy shit.



    i don’t think he will get tired of taking someone down. i’m just thinking his takedown success will wane in the later rounds, due to multiple factors.



    My caveat to all of this is that I don’t particularly like Diaz, but I hope he beats the everloving shit out of GSP.

    GSP is a points fighter, not a finishing fighter. It’s a valid style in MMA, and I’m not bashing it as an ineffective strategy, but for me personally it’s NO FUCKING FUN TO WATCH.

    Gice me Diaz. Give me Guida. I want to see intensity and energy, not playing it safe and grinding out points against the cage or via dry humping.

    I hope that GSP gets his ass kicked, even if he wins a decision. I want that french canadian motherfucker to remember what it’s like to get your grill smashed in.



    I don’t think there’s a possibility of Diaz out-cardio’ing GSP, but I do think GSP’s will can be broken MUCH more easily. Maybe it’s cuz Diaz is a dumb bunny. Or cuz GSP is not a fan of eating face punches (or losing). Or bowf.



    Danjo you seem confused not wanting to watch point fighters and dry humpers yet you name Guida as a fun guy to watch who is one of the most well known dry humpers around. He has a lot of energy but has only recently been able to finish a few guys. But he is more fun to watch than most lay n prayers.

    GSP is in for a fight. I think the lead up trash talk is really going to get to Georgy. Those pressers will actually be worth paying attention to.


    diaz is shit against wrestling and thats all gsp seems to do now.



    GSP will try to keep Diaz on the outside range. He will use his jab, spinning back kick, front kick, and super man punch to keep that distance. GSP will use his foot work to keep most of the fight at that range. If Diaz makes it into the pocket, look for GSP to shoot, or body lock/push into the cage. GSP will not hang with Diaz on the ground unless he can get/maintain side control or better. Diaz’s guard, and half guard are to dangerous for GSP to play around for long.

    Diaz will try to throw his punches in bunches from the pocket. He will get the edge in a couple of rounds due to volume of punches landed. GSP will control the range well enough that Diaz will get frustrated with what he will call “GSP’s unwillingness to engage”, and start taunting him. The taunts will only leave him open for one, or two strikes. GSP will disengage before Diaz can retaliate. Through out the fight GSP will lock down Diaz if he lands more that 2 shots in a row. This will throw off Diaz’s timing, and prevent him from taking control of the fight like he has been in his last several fights.

    48/47 GSP in a hard fought, but clear GSP win.

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