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Dana White caught in a lie. Big surprise.

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    yeah but look at how much she got paid. i wouldn’t be crying over shit!



    i dont get it. this proves that dana pays his fighters directly. which is what he said he did. and its what he said was the problem with golden glory (they wanted the management to be paid instead of the fighters) and when they bitched about it, zuffa cut everyone loose. so somehow dana telling the truth makes him a liar? wha>??




    Agree 100% with Glassjawsh.

    GG wants to be paid directly. Zuffa says no we pay fighters as per the comission. Zuffa pays fighters for their fights. GG tries to force Zuffa to pay them directly through fighters contracts. Zuffa says fuck you GG……

    The only conflict here is GG being a promoter, management team, and trainers trying to get the biggest slice of pie they can.



    This wont mean shit unless I can bring up the article:

    I remember another promoter a few years back complaining about the same thing how it made things hard cause GG was demanding that pay be done another way other than what they had originally signed.

    I cant remember where I had seen that. I am sure a sleuth somewhere will bring it up within the next week unless Tito dies tomorrow in the cage and all attention is drawn away from the DW and GG bitch fight.



    I could tell Dana was lying cuz his lips were moving.

    Not sure what this means. He says they pay the fighters and that’s what this seems to prove. Every time you think the MMA scene is going to merge together it falls through. And Zuffa is always a factor.

    Oh yeah, fuck you subo.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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