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Cain v JDS to run solo on FOX debut

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    Somehow I think they’ll fit something else in when one of them goes down in the first, but I think it’s dope they’re willing to go this route at all.

    Thoughts, my bitches?



    HOLY SHITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I actually pondered this very fight earlier but figured it was a PPV main & they wouldn’t squander it. I’m shocked that they went into my brain, stole my idea & won’t even give me credit for booking the fight.


    G Funk

    awwww suki suki now!!!



    Fucking stoked. Both these guys aren’t the biggest draw so why not get them some eyeballs. These two are the future of the HW division and they should deliver a solid fight. Hardcores have been drooling over this match up for a long time. They should have crossed paths before but the timing is right to make a big splash. Good for them I didn’t think they’d take a ppv headliner and put it on FOX but this seems like the move to make right now.

    I used to watch the big HW boxing matches with my dad growing up and this is a fight that I will push him to watch and feel good about doing it. He’s not an MMA fan but he should dig this and they should deliver.


    Yeah, I know a bunch of cunts are vigorously flapping their labias in regard to one fight only, but I think it’ll make marketing easier and, to be frank, it’s just a dope fight.



    Guida/Henderson got booked for the same night. That can fill in if all goes well.


    I doubt they’re gonna have space for a fifteen minute scramblefest on the show.  They’re only getting 44 minutes and they’ve already stated that they’re having promo packages and 135 promos and stuff on the show.

    I’d love to see that fight on TV, but I don’t know if FOX/Zuffa would be down with it unless someone gets finished.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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