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Broke a dude’s pelvis with Tai Otoshi

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    Walking around East LA two nights ago getting some al pastor, carne asada, fish and carnitas tacos in the hood cause that’s where they taste best, and some 220 pound black dude bumps into my girl and tells her “Watch where you’re going, people walkin thru hea.”

    Instantly when I heard this I grabbed him by the hair and shirt, stuck my leg across his body and launched him into the hardest tai otoshi I could throw, pulling up on his hair at the last moment so his dumb caveman skull didn’t his the pavement and get me a murder charge.

    Right as his bloated carcass hits the ground his entire body tenses like a hard orgasm and he screams out in pain, it was a blood shriek.

    I quickly go to the knee on throat position with shin to forearm pin so he cant grab my balls from behind to stop the screaming and search for weapons, I didn’t find any so I got up and we both ran off before the law showed up.

    I think I either broke homeboy’s knee propping it out with the tai otoshi or I shattered his pelvis with the concrete impact. I’m thinking knee cause he tried to resist the throw backwards improperly and locked his own knee out before leaving the ground. He was out of shape and fat and people like that tend to have bad knees.

    Two days later I feel no remorse and I enjoy the memory.



    I hope you get bummed by his mates in jail. He’ll have a knob like a baseball bat and fists like frozen chickens. You’ll be all blood and shit before he’s done. You’ll love it.


    I think, over the weekend I’m gonna buy a frame and then print out this violent meathead assault post and Carcass’ comment.

    I just gotta figure out what typeface will do it justice.



    anyone who has to post on a forum about what a badass they are, is not a badass



    Last night my daughter started watching Camp Rock 2 “The Final Jam” very close to bedtime. She disobeyed me when I told her 30 minutes in that it was time to go to bed. I cracked that bitch across the face. Instantly bleeding. I’m pretty sure I broke her nose. Maybe next time she’ll listen to daddy…..


    Frick – didn’t the lil brat realize the height difference spells nothin’-but-knees after dark? Glad you regulated.


    i would have hit her for watching that let alone not going to bed. Make her watch Full metal Jacket before bed



    There’s less leverage propping at the knee than the ankle properly of course, but when you beat the fuck out of someone with Tai Otoshi on the street you don’t really need max leverage. If you’re a Judo BB and the guy is untrained and taken by surprise with a Judo finishing attack, you’re pretty much gonna win the fight.

    Propping at the knee greatly increases like the likelyhood of an injury at the cost of some leverage.

    Stop acting like if I showed up to your BJJ gym and started Tai Otoshing some blue belts hard that you wouldn’t ask me to stop, you would.


    Hey you know what I miss, McDonald’s Pizza



    Ya know I was really miss? CHOCODILES!!



    You’d make Roger Huerta proud.



    I think im going to go have some poutine tonight. Nothing like putting thick gravy on top of milk curds that are sitting on a bed of fried potatoes.



    I bet you wouldn’t have done that shit if the guy was wearing a TapouT shirt.

    The TS sounds hard core. I had this playing in the background while I read the OP:



    Clint – I’ve been watching the shit out of that movie lately. Oh that’s right, don’t make any fucking effort to get up to the top of the fucking obstacle!


    I love that movie, probably watched it 10 times and sometimes i will just watch the boot camp part. its in my top 5 favorite movies and is my favorite non comedy, though the first half i find hilarious

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 40 total)

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