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    I think she has an ok body, a bit of a guys face, but she is not the best UFC ring girl. Arianne is still better and natasha and logan were better then that even. She is 2-5x mandella or horse face.


    G Funk

    I don’t see the masculine face, and her tits are worse than octogonal, they’re straight up square!


    its the man jaw


    You guys can go to hell. She’s a very lovely lady. If you don’t want her, I’ll be more than happy to take her off your hands.



    yes there is something weird going on with that jaw line. and her boobs look pretty bad in a lot of pics. also if you want to get really particular, her teeth are a little bit too small. but i still think shes hot. i lost interest in arrianny after seeing her in playboy, it wasnt sexy. logan was nice but if the lanky model type body isnt your thing than shes no good. natasha had a nice body, seemed like a fun date, and pretty hot face but theres something weird going on there too. i think shes gonna look like a 40 year old methhead trailer chick with kids in a few years.



    Sorry, but she is hotter than Arianny and Glover, bad boob job and all. I’d still take Rachelle Leah over any of them, even with her newly acquired 20lbs. Actually, especially with her newly acquired 20 lbs. Makes her less manish. And horse face was the all time best imo. Yeah I know I’m a racist cause I only like the white horse. Sue me.




    “I think she has an ok body, a bit of a guys face”
    You act like you have ever fucked anybody nearly as hot as her, you picky bastard she’s fuckin bangin.



    I miss Logan.

    And I did have a chick that was slightly Chandella esque once. She was smoking.



    i doubt she was smoking, subo. ring card girls don’t smoke.



    I’d still gang rape her

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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