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Boxer Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr.’s defines marijuana are safer

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    A sport predicated on brain damage? Celebrated. A drug shown to prevent cognitive decline? Banned. A billboard calling out such hypocrisy? Priceless.

    Boxer Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr.’s $900,000 fine and nine-month suspension for testing positive for marijuana is the subject of a new billboard unveiled in Las Vegas today. According to the national legalization lobby Marijuana Policy Project, the billboard decries the Nevada State Athletic Commission’s Punishment of Chavez Jr. for using pot, as Chavez prepares to file a lawsuit challenging the huge fine. The nation’s largest marijuana policy organization paid for the advertisement and calls on NSAC to drop the penalties and ‘stop driving athletes to drink’.

    MPP intends to deliver a request to the NSAC in the form of a petition that currently has more than 5,250 signatures.

    Furthermore, the U.S. government has sought to patent pot’s ingredients like cannabis for use as a non-toxic neuroprotectant during incidents of brain damage like stroke, or, I don’t know, repeated punches to the head.

    Public Policy Polling has found a solid majority (54%) of Nevada voters would support a ballot initiative to make marijuana legal for adults and regulate it like alcohol.

    A bill to make marijuana legal for adults was introduced in the Nevada Legislature on Friday by Assemblyman Joe Hogan.

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    Puff puff give.

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