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Both Fedor and Werdum want tune up fights

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    Well if both take tune up fights, we now may not see Overeem, Fedor, or Werdum until late spring, or summer….bullshit.

    So I ask you all:

    1) Should “top ten” fighters, coming off wins get “tune up fights” ?? Even coming off injury.

    2) If Fedor fights another “can”, will Strikeforce tell M-1 to fuck off?



    Sorry, Should say Overeem, Fedor, or Werdum in a fight with any meaning in the HW division.


    Werdum is gonna stretch this out as long as possible.
    He’s making mad money.

    Fedor needs a tune-up since he hasn’t fucking fought in six months and barely fought then.


    1) Shogun isn’t getting a tune up fight. Brock nearly died and didn’t get a tune up fight. So what makes Fedor/Werdum think that it’s okay to get a tune up fight?

    2) Ofcourse Fedor is going to fight a can if he can’t get Werdum. He sure as hell wont take on Overeem because his handlers don’t want that fight.



    ^ this




    Agree 100%

    I had a comment like your Shogun point, but I deleted it. Wanted to see others opinions, and not just defend mine this time. I didn’t even think of Brock. Great points.

    TY :)



    I’d say it’s about the orgs, not the fighters. Dana doesn’t do tune-ups for top fighters. He can make more money on them win or lose, against a good opponent.

    It’s these outside fighters whose management has the “boxing” mindset of not damaging their marketability. Dana can push any fighter whenever he thinks it’s worth the time & money. Or bury them!!

    It’s pure economics for these guys to fight cans if they can get paid a million bucks for it!!



    Fedor barely fights twice a year as it is.

    Don’t worry – this is just like how Frankie and BJ got tune up fights in between their rematch. OH WAIT

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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