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Bob Arum Sits Spoiled Child Dana The F Down

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    well well well.

    “I don’t know where Dana is coming from, I never said anything bad about him. But Dana has to realize, because of the monopoly the UFC has, they pay their fighters maybe 20-percent of the proceeds that come in on a UFC fight and we pay fighters over 80-percent. So that’s the difference, so talk about giving back to the sport, when you pay your talent 20-percent and boxing promoter’s like myself and others pay over 80-percent, who’s giving back to whom? It’s very easy (to make network deals) when his athletes get paid nothing. Our athletes get paid but yeah, we’re negotiating now with a major network to do boxing in prime time on the network.”

    thats how its done dana. no expletives, no personal attacks. just argue the points. this is how a professional debates, not by calling someone a bitch, cunt, or homo.

    interesting to see zuffa getting publically called out on their monopoly once again.

    the house of cards looks about ready to tumble

    someone put subo on suicide watch.






    fuck bitches get money.



    Haha!! Dana announces a network deal & all of a sudden Arum decides NOW is the right time for boxing. Fucking dinosaur. Go away.


    Zuffa uses the money for marketing and infrastructure.  I like that Arum calls him on it, but it won’t mean anything.  The marketing machine that is the UFC isn’t cheap.  It makes the sport strong instead of one or two cats.  But why would Arum point that out?



    Arum farts dust.



    Arum IS dust. Dust held together by evil eldritch majiks and the souls of dead boxers.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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