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Be honest. Who’s watching pacquiao vs margarito sat?

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    The difference between taking roids and loading your handwraps, particularly in boxing, is that it makes it much easier for you to fucking kill or cripple someone in the ring with plaster in your wraps. The benefits of steroids aren’t quantifiable by any objective metric; the effects of loaded wraps are well-documented and a matter of simple physics. That’s the difference. Stop trying to push Manichean bullshit.


    I mean.. it’s fine. Okami is a good fighter and I think he’ll take it.. but none of the guys on this card stand out do they?

    Would I rather watch high level technical boxing or guys throwing hays all night?

    Marquardt cheats almost as much as Margarito.

    Fuck Sonnen, he doesn’t deserve a shot. He’s lost the same way over and over again. I’m still pissed they kicked that punter for Roids and Dana is still mutely supporting Sonnen. He’ll never be a champ with his pillow fucking fists and shitty BJJ.


    And I mean if you hate marg for cheating don’t you want to see him get his ass beat?

    So many good story lines which the UFC card lacks.

    But it’s a free card so what do you expect.



    I don’t even know who Margarito is. Are there other fights on that card as well?


    lulz… other fights on the card?

    you don’t know much about boxing do you?



    last time i saw pacman he was running away from blinky, plinky, inky and clyde.


    definitely watching pacquiao/margarito over ufc 122.

    if 122 is aired live during the day (as is often the case with euro cards in canada) then i’ll watch it for sure, but when it comes down to it the card doesn’t interest me the way boxing does this weekend.


    i would also like to see pacman dust margarito this weekend after margarito (along with brandon rios and trainer robert garcia) decided to make fun of roach’s parkinson’s disease:!
    (at 2:00 min mark)



    ^^I gotta watch that when I get home. Although it’s fuct up, I’ve certainly made fun of enough people that it would be hypocritical for me to judge someone else. Isn’t that essentially the basis of being a Jackal?

    Last night I got my kids’ class pictures. I didn’t know both of them had “special needs” kids (slight tards). They said these kids acted out a lot & were bad. I told them how imperative it was to help these kids as much as they could & not judge them b/c they couldn’t help themselves. I told my kids how lucky we were to be born healthy since so much can go wrong during gestation!!

    And when I was a kid, I made fun of everybody & everything. If I didn’t make them cry, I would have considered it a failure. Point being, I’m a jerk so I shouldn’t judge Margarito. Plus, he’s the only metrosexual Mexican I know!!



    I’m watching this fight WITHOUT A DOUBT!

    Freddie Roachs’ comment was completely on-point…you don’t GET CAUGHT loading your hand wraps–then get a second chance (even though many find the offence undeserving of getting a 2nd chance), and then go about making jokes
    about loading your handwraps before your next fight. That, my friends, is douchebaggery at an elite level. Then to take personal shots at Roach because
    he has Parkinsons…i wouldn’t be surprised to hear some shit like that from
    Brandon Rios (punk m’fer), but from Margarito himself…he’s making this fight personal to the Pacman. Therefore Manny shall prevail!

    frick– the metrosexual Mexican comment = WIN!!



    Fuck Margarito. If anyone deserves a lifetime ban, it’s him (or maybe Barnetto).


    G Funk

    What a scum low class beaner, wait…are there any other kind?(joking)

    Seriously, before watching that vid I thought Subo and others, “ban him for life” line was harsh. But after watching them joke about it like if it’s some big game, fuck those cockroaches mein! I hopw Manny buries him in the ring on Sat.



    It’s cute how easily manipulated you all are by these hype shows.

    It’s called “Subo syndrome”, where someone or something evokes a strong emotional response to a particular stimuli.

    All I care about are fists smashing into flesh til someone busts open like a pinata or falls down & eyes roll back like an old school mechanical slot machine!!
    3 cherries



    boxing is meh



    Subo-for someone who has repeatedly said you don’t talk shit about fighters, you sure talk a lot of shit about a lot of fighters.

    I believe your line is, “I don’t say(maybe its write) anything about a fighter i wouldn’t say to their face.”

    Who ever is missing this fight is lame, that’s all there is too it. 2 of the best boxers in the world are fighting, how could you miss it?

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 36 total)

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