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Be honest. Who’s watching pacquiao vs margarito sat?

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    and skipping Nate the great vs Okami?

    I am.



    I’ll probably watch the Okami/Nate fight at the bar and catch Pacman highlights later on the net. In any case, I refuse to ever pay a red cent for any Margarito fight, that cheating fuck.


    i didnt know there was boxing on… ill be sure to avoid it



    Scissors- you hypocritical fuck, you are going to watch the next chael sonnen fight


    Eh I think the Pacman fight has the potential for some real drama. They are both very offensive fighters and Paccy is fighting a guy 20 pounds bigger than him with a big reach advantage.

    It’s possible he could lose.

    The okami/nate fight hasn’t got me interested at all.



    I can’t find 2 people to chip in for the PPV, and it’s not worth it for one fight. I do have seven or eight that will be over to watch Okami/Nate.



    Confirmed–>Pewnt is an Orthodox Jew.

    I plan on DVRing the UFC & watching PacMan. At least the main event.

    Szizzurp–>I would have agreed w/you up until recently. But what if you or I was caught breaking the law? There are punishments in place & once fulfilled, you have the right to make a living. Margarito completed his punishment. He still has to provide for himself & his family. Plus, he’s a likable guy (if you’ve watched 24/7). This could be the challenge that is finally too much for Packy-Yao.



    Wow Frickshun. A Jew being cheap joke. Your so clever.

    “Religion is the opium of the people”


    G Funk

    Pacman/Margarito has me pumped! Who’s fighting in the UFC card other than Nate/Okami?

    Pacman/Margarito > Nate Okami

    Frick hit the nail dead center!



    Pewnt hurt my feelings. I think I’ll go beat up some gays now.

    G–>this card is going to be egged & TP’d by the MMA community for having no “good” fights. But I’m such a fiend for MMA that I’ll lap it up!! Not worth looking up the fight card again but it wasn’t very memorable. EXCEPT THAT IT’S FREE BITCH!!

    Also, Nate gives me a boner so it is with great regret that he takes a back seat this Saturday. And if Okami sticks to his more aggressive come forward style, this could be a seriously fucking awesome fight that people will regret shitting on….



    YR, I didn’t say I wouldn’t watch it, I said I wouldn’t pay for it. Reading is your friend. And semantics aside, there is a big goddamn difference between testing positive for testosterone and loading your handwraps with plaster. I think it’s a farce this fight is even happening. Margarito should’ve been banned from the sport for the rest of his life for pulling that shit.



    Well, now we know Pewnt’s a Commie.

    And come the fuck on scissors. What’s really the difference between testing positive for steroids and loading your hand wraps? Cheating is cheating. If you pay your fine and take the suspension you can’t keep punishing them. Same with convicts, you can’t assume their guilty or hate on em if they haven’t done anything.

    Ps-Pewnt, you can go ahead and insult frickshun back, he wont cry. I promise. And when i say insult, call him a cockfag or something, don’t be condescending that’s just gay.



    A Commie. LMAO. Joseph McCarthy is going to be knocking down my door, or worse the Tea Baggers.



    i am for sure watching it ….



    Yeah Right – you get crazier every day (much like your avatar [please don’t kill yourself]). I hate hate hate roids, but fucking with your hand wraps is ANOTHER PLANET of not ok.

    Tan – I’m genuinely puzzled. I thought everyone would be happy that Yushin Okami was finally healthy and on the cusp of a title shot, I’m almost sure you didn’t like the idea of Silva-Sonnen II, and Marquardt fucking Street Fighter combos people. What’s not to like?

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