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    The bass family is a small group of freshwater sunfishes known as Centrarchidae that includes, among other species, the largemouth bass, the smallmouth bass, and the spotted bass. These fish are common to North America, Nike Air Max 90 Hombres Leopard Rojo 472513-049, although in recent years they have been successfully transplanted to several other countries (Bennett 1970). American anglers had pursued bass for at least a century before the construction of large dams in the 1940s.However, with the emergence of large impoundments of fresh water in the southern part of the country, fishing for bass became accessible and increasingly popular.

    Bass are a predatory species and can be taken with a variety of techniques and equipment. This includes the use of natural baits, lures, and artificial flies. The largemouth bass is the most common of the basses. The world-record largemouth, a 22.25 pound lunker, was taken in 1932 in Georgia. Nike LeBron 11 Mujeres Miami Calor Lejos W621712-001. Most bass weigh between 1 and 3 pounds, although several fish over 18 pounds are caught each year (Harbour 1979).

    Waterman (1982) noted that bass fishing boomed into the consciousness of the American angler in the 1960s. Part of this was undoubtedly the result of bass fishing tournaments and the Bass Anglers Sportsman’s Society (B.A.S.S.). B.A.S.S. signed up its first member in 1968, about six months after the first bass tournament, which took place in 1967 when an enterprising young insurance salesman envisioned that money could be made from tightly structured fishing contests. Within a decade, B.A.S.S. had 250,000 members. Nike Air Max 90 Mujeres Rose Rojo W325213-609. The concept started out slowly but today bass tournaments are held on virtually every large lake and river in the United States. The Bass Anglers Sportsman’s Society today has over 500,000 members in 52 countries, sponsors a weekly fishing series on television, and publishes four different periodicals on the sport of tournament bass fishing (Burek 1992).

    A small but visible group of professional bass fishermen composed almost entirely of white,middle-aged males competes in elite bass tournaments. Just like professionals in other sports, these men have loyal fans who follow their activities. They are sponsored by the manufacturers of fishing equipment. In return, they are walking billboards for a dazzling array of boats, recreational vehicles, tackle, Air Jordan 4 Capitana Americano Costumbre 131101-003, fishing clothing, and electronic fishing equipment (Taylor 1988).


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