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Banned drug detected in Contador throughout Tour de France

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    Contador may not have won the 2010 Tour de France fair and square after a failed drug test during the race was revealed Wednesday. In a news conference Thurs, he strenuously denied that he cheated for his third win within the event. Contador defended himself from the possible loss of his title and a two-year suspension with the explanation that ingesting bad animal meat was the reason for the test results.

    Impure animal meat blamed by Contador

    Alberto Contador, considered the world’s greatest cyclist racing today, tested positive on July 21, a day before the toughest mountain stage of the Tour de France. According to the New York Times, the International Cycling Union said on Wednesday that clenbuterol, a weight-loss and muscle building drug, was what Contador tested positive for in his urine samples that day. In a news conference Thursday, Contador called himself a victim and said he had eaten meat tainted with the drug at his hotel. His other part of the statement was saying he would not have performed any better with the tiny amounts of the clenbuterol found within the samples anyway.

    Contador has connections with substances

    Contador won’t stand for being known this way. He needs to get his name cleared. CNN reports that he was provisionally suspended from racing by the International Cycling Union. In a sport plagued by doping, Contador’s career contains being associated with a Spanish blood-doping ring in 2006. He won the Tour de France in 2007. This was the first time he was able to do so. He joined a team banned from races because of doping violations. This was in 2008, and the team was Astana. In 2009, his second Tour title was won. Lance Armstrong came third in this race. He has won seven titles previously though. There is only one person ever to have lost their title due to testing positive in the Tour de France. This was Floyd Landis who was an American.

    Contador is persuading many

    Some experts believe Contador’s claim that tainted meat caused his positive drugging test. Chicken, cows and pigs are given clenbuterol sometimes to speed up the growth process, reports Universal Sports. The liver and muscle is where the substance ends up staying. Also many bodybuilders use clenbuterol. They’ll use it to try and burn off fat faster while building up their muscles. The drug also increases aerobic capacity by making more oxygen available to muscles. Its short term effects are similar to amphetamines. But Dr. Andrew Franklyn-Miller, a sports medicine expert, told Universal that it would have been extremely hard for Contador to get a boost from ingesting clenbuterol-spiked animal meat.


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    I’ve never been able to turn down horse meat. Especially before a big mountain stage.



    Am I the last guy on Earth to try some of these wonder drugs?


    The tainted meat thing is so bullshit. Tests can tell whether a fighter was ingesting it orally or shooting that shit up – the levels are different depending on how it’s taken.

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