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Bahadurzada: Scott ‘Pig F—-r” Coker

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    One of you useless writer shits for this crap website better fucking write a goddamn article about this:

    “As a kid I saw s–t soldiers need therapy to talk about. Walking over body parts and blood after rocket attacks… I was a little kid and I saw that all the time.”

    Those were the first words out of welterweight contender Siyar Bahadurzada’s mouth when I asked him about his childhood in war torn Kabul, Afghanistan. There is no coyness to him, what is on his mind invariably escapes his mouth.

    About 10 months ago, the main thing on Bahadurzada’s mind was when he would make his first trip to America as a Strikeforce fighter. Word spread quickly that the management of Team Golden Glory had locked up a deal with the San Jose-based promotion for him to compete in their welterweight division. According to Bahadurzada, a signed contract was sent back to Strikeforce in April of last year.

    And then he waited. And then he waited some more. The enthusiasm stoked by his “big break” was gradually infected by resentment as Strikeforce dragged their feet on securing a debut fight for him.

    “It made no f—ing sense, man!” Bahadurzada says as his voice becomes a tangle of confusion and anger. “They came to me and my management! They wanted me to fight for them. These a——s… [Strikeforce President]Scott Coker and [Strikeforce Matchmaker]Rich Chou couldn’t even return a call after talking about how they’re so excited to have me in Strikeforce.”

    Still, a contract is a contract and Bahadurzada knew he would get a fight eventually. An illusion shattered this morning when, according to Bahadurzada, he found out from Team Golden Glory management that Strikeforce has yet to sign the contract they offered him 10 months ago.

    “They’ve been dicking me around for 10 months, man. 10 f—ing months of my career they dicked me around .” Says Bahadurzada as his voice strains with emotion. “I turned down some big opportunities because of this s–t. Bellator offered me a contract for good money and we told them no because of the Strikeforce contract. If these motherf—–s didn’t want me, all they had to do was say so and fine. Instead, Scott ‘Pig F—-r” Coker and Rich ‘F–k’ Chou want to play games with me!”

    Bahadurzada alleges that Strikeforce told his management they won’t sign off on the contract because the financial terms are too high.

    “It’s bulls—, man. It’s their f—ing contract, they sent it to my management. We didn’t make the contract, they did and they sent it to us.” Bahadurzada says before laying his chips out on the table. “Let me tell you, I will never accept a f—ing penny from Strikeforce, but I will do this… they have their welterweight champion Nick Diaz fighting [Evangelista Santos] this Saturday. I will fight the winner for free in Strikeforce and if I lose I will retire from MMA. I want you to understand I love MMA, it is the only thing I have in my life that I love so understand how serious I am when I make this challenge to a bunch of clowns I f—ing hate. If Strikeforce accepts, I guarantee you I will knock out their champion.”

    When reached for comment, Strikeforce Director of Communications Mike Afromowitz refused to speak on the matter.



    Fucking Dove!! It’s nice to see your grumpy fucking face.



    it sounds like he put a jihad on scott coker.



    I dunno man, I’ve already been shitting on Strikeforce a fair amount lately.



    I just looked this guy up on Sherdog, he fought in August and October last year and the same the year before, so it’s not like he’s sitting on the shelf.  Maybe he can’t fight in America while this is going on, but it looks like he’s never fought in America before.



    What it sounds like to me is that Team Golden Glory fucked him over on this deal as well. If SF had signed the contract, they should have an original signed copy on hand.


    Or SF sent them a copy, they signed it and returned it – then SF didn’t hold up their end.

    Seems like they just didn’t want Bellator to get their hands on him. Same as Hieron.



    does this make golden glory pig fuckers too?



    Nothing resolves a contract dispute faster than calling the boss a pig-fucker.


    G Funk

    Sounds to me that GG has chitty management. You can never trust the corps. 10 months without the copy signed by SF returned? Everyone and their momma would be fired if you just sat back for ten months waiting without tearing the phones lines up for an answer.


    Coker seems more like a chicken fucker than a pig fucker.



    I don’t see his fat ass going for anything as lean as a chicken.



    Just wrap it in duct tape so it doesn’t explode.


    So Cap envisions Coker’s cock as explosive?


    Maybe he has experienced it first hand 😉

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)

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